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  1. A Brother

    Dual-Layer burning problem?

    First, I used another program (MagicDisc) to rip an .iso. Then I selected the only layer-break option, and went ahead with the burn. The picture did show, but the image is distorted and jumbled, and sometimes pauses while the audio continues. How do I fix this problem?! Should I use ImgBurn to make a .mds from the .iso? What else need I consider? Thank you very much. In fact, even in the layer break preview, the image is distorted...
  2. A Brother

    .iso with DVD+R dual-layer?

    This is a brother's first time at the forum... hi all. I have a 7.06 GB .iso, so I decided to use DVD+R dual-layer (Maxell). I've heard the I should use .mds instead of .iso for dual-layer discs. Running ImgBurn with the .iso ... "Select Layer Break position". I select an option (what difference would the options make in the viewing?). What does "Seamless" mean? "You should only enable this option if you know that your player does not need the layer break-cell to be marked as non-seamless". I don't know what my player (standard DVD player) can handle, but it's nearly a decade old... Is that everything I need to consider? Or should I still change to .mds? Thank you very much. A Brother

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