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  1. I have the CDs right here. Sure, that would be great. I'll let you know if everything works out.
  2. Good news, glad to hear it. Thanks! As a test, I'll rerip a disc or two with the next release, when it becomes available.
  3. Update: I successfully ripped the 63-track CD using CDRWIN, so my computer, my CD drive, and the CD itself are all working fine. Of course, it's still possible that one of these three is somehow incompatible with ImgBurn. The ripped image is working perfectly. I successfully ripped a single-track data CD using ImgBurn The problem appears to be with its handling multi-track discs and/or discs with audio. You (author) know much more about this than I do, so I will refrain from further speculation.
  4. It appears I have the same read/verify CD hang problem reported by several others on this forum. The log is attached. I trimmed out most of the repetitive stuff, otherwise I would overflow my quota. This disc is a 63-track doozy, one of those old classic games with Red Book audio. ImgBurn does its Analysing Tracks thing for 1 through 63 just fine, but following that it gets into a do-loop rereading the same three sectors over and over again until I cancel. At least, that's what the log says. I noticed some other logs posted here exhibit the same behavior. There's no audible gronk while this is taking place; maybe all the data's being served out of a buffer. (I would have replied to an existing topic, but apparently I don't have permission. Sorry for cluttering your forum.) ImgBurn.log
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