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  1. ManFromAustin

    Weirdness in Read Speed (Audio) settings

    I looked over my read results more closely and I realized that the behavior I described as being different in earlier versions was incorrect. I still find this read behavior a bit strange or maybe better said inconsistent. I'm thinking it's behavior generally associated with CAV drives since the average read speed tends to increase with the size of the image. I'm sorry for confusing the issue. Peace.
  2. ManFromAustin

    Weirdness in Read Speed (Audio) settings

    Hmmm... interesting. I've burned about 100 audio CDs recently with v2.5.1.0 and v2.5.0.0. I've been keeping track of my statistics and I've consistently got an average read rate of about 7.5x at 12x #39;( I never checked my actual read rate at higher settings. I'm confused but I'll check reads at faster settings just for the hell of it with the older versions. Regardless of what I find though, do you have any ideas why my hardware is so unresponsive to changes in the audio read setting? Thanks.
  3. I have been using both ImgBurn v2.5.1.0 and v2.5.1.0 (because sometimes v2.5.1.0 gets stuck when analyzing tracks in read mode - thanks for fixing that bug btw in v2.5.2.0 ). Yesterday, I updated ImgBurn v2.5.1.0 to the latest version. The latest version behaves strangely when dealing with audio CDs in read mode. Here are some actual results in response to various settings for Read Speed (Audio): 4x: 4x (you ask for it, you get it) 8x: Avg rate: 3.8x; Max rate: 4.2x; Length: 39:19:58 12x: Avg rate: 5.7x; Max rate: 7.7x; Length: 35:57:62 16x: Avg rate: 6.1x; Max rate: 8.6x; Length: 40:53:25 16x: Avg rate: 6.1x; Max rate: 8.6x; Length: 41:34:00 16x: Avg rate: 5.7x; Max rate: 8.2x; Length: 44:47:20 18x: Avg rate: 6.2x; Max rate: 8.8x; Length: 44:47:20 20x: Avg rate: 9.6x; Max rate: 15.0x; Length: 39:19:58 24x: Avg rate:10.4x; Max rate: 15.0x; Length: 39:19:58 Could you explain these results? By the way, previous versions would give me somewhat similar results, for example, 8x would give me 4x but at 12x, I would get an average read rate of around 7.5x, which I would settle for in copying my audio CDs. By the way, I have two Lite-On iHAS424-98 optical drives which I found out after the fact are actually rebadged Optiarc AD-7240S Peace.
  4. ManFromAustin

    Using Filter Driver Load Order tool

    Hey LIGHTNING UK! I took your advice and all is well ...and I do have XP SP3 installed. I think I figured out why I blue-screened after removing SiRemFil with the Autoruns program. After removing SiRemFil with ImgBurn's filter driver load order tool, it still remained in the driver stack for each of my hard drives and I still see it in the boot order using Sysinternals' LoadOrder program. When Autoruns removed it, it was gone baby gone! Really appreciate all of your support and thanks again for a great program. Peace bro.
  5. ManFromAustin

    Using Filter Driver Load Order tool

    I recently reloaded my computer with Windows XP and found that old familiar warning message reappear in my ImgBurn log: W 13:26:17 DeviceIoControl(IOCTL_STORAGE_MCN_CONTROL) Failed! - Media change notification has NOT been disabled. I get this message at the start of every read and write operation. The first time I got this message, I updated my SiI3112 SATA Controller driver and it went away but after I reloaded my operating system this technique no longer worked for me. In searching through the forum, I found a suggestion to check my filter driver order and sure enough, I had the dreaded SiRemFil driver loaded as my upper class filter. This driver was loaded when I installed a four port SATA controller card containing a SiI3124 chip. Instead of removing SiRemFil using the Filter Driver Load Order tool, I choose instead to disable it using the Autoruns program. MISTAKE! When I rebooted, I blue-screened! Fortunately, I was able to boot into my last good configuration and get healthy again. I still didn’t want to remove SiRemFil because I wasn’t convinced how my SATA card would behave, so I tried playing around with ImgBurn’s settings, specifically, SPTI – Device Enumeration Method. I found that by changing this setting to Drive Letter, I only get this message once on my first read operation. I thought that was interesting. Any ideas why it works this way? By the way, I restored my system drive to another partition and used the filter driver load order tool to remove SiRemFil and it stopped the warning message. Question, what is the difference between removing SiRemFil using ImgBurn’s tool from disabling it with Autoruns? Now that I know that removing SiRemFil seems safe, for the sake of burn quality, is it better to remove it or just continue running with the "Drive Letter" setting enabled? Thanks for a great program and past support! Looking forward to your comments. Peace.
  6. ManFromAustin

    drive designations in source list redundant

    hmmm... interesting. It appears that my VSO Inspector and my disc analysis program CDSpeed still use this legacy protocol. Maybe these programs are getting confused over the fact that I have two iHAS424-98 drives. I've made so many changes since a recent reload of my system due to corruption from a registry cleaner and then finding out that my backup and restore program was no longer compatible with my new SATA add-on controller! As far as I can recall the only thing I did to my system during the time in question was to remove Ctfmon.exe as a startup process (Microsoft process controlling Alternative User Input and the Office Language bar). As soon as I get back home I'm going to reload my driver and work on finding a good backup and restore program Any suggestions? Thanks for your reply. Peace.
  7. The information preceding the drive names in the source list for read mode or destination list for write mode have changed. Specifically, I have four optical drives and two virtual drives that show up in the list as they should. However, the drive names are preceded by [0:0:0], [1:0:0], [3:0:0], [3:0:0], [4:0:0], [5:0:0]. They used to show up as [0:0:0], [1:0:0], [2:0:0], [3:0:0], [4:0:0], [5:0:0]. I still am able to access all of the drives within ImgBurn but other applications cannot. For instance, when I try to do a quality scan with Nero DiscSpeed, only one of the [3:0:0] drives is accessible. Drives [2:0:0] and [3:0:0] are my new drives (both iHAS424) that I use for burning and scanning. I know this isn't an ImgBurn problem but I'm at a lost on how to fix it. What do the three numbers mean within the brackets? The change seemed to occur suddenly... I hadn't made any configuration changes on my machine; I was merely copying audio CDs. I attached a screen grab. I appreciate any insight y'all can provide. imgburn grab.bmp
  8. ManFromAustin

    Is version still available for download?

    That's an interesting idea so I tried it. Unfortunately, when I uninstalled version it blew away all of my registry settings and icons for my version application as well. Something else I discovered was that ImgBurn also destroyed all of my graph data and log file when it uninstalled. That is not standard Windows application behavior in my opinion. #39;( I had no problem setting up ImgBurn to run portable. I installed ImgBurn first, configured it to run portable and then installed ImgBurn Question: How can you create a portable Imgburn app if you need to install it first in order to get its component files? When the installation runs it writes to the registry. Is there a way to explode SetupImgBurn_2.5.1.0.exe instead? Thanks.
  9. ManFromAustin

    Is version still available for download?

    Thanks Cynthia. I installed version on another partition. Both versions seem to play with one another and mind each others business except for resetting my Settings. Hopefully, this bug will be fixed in the next release.
  10. I'm having some problems copying a few of my audio CDs due to a known bug introduced in the latest version of ImgBurn that hangs the application when anaylzing tracks. I would like to install the previous version of ImgBurn to get around this problem but it doesn't seem to be available. Does anybody know where I can find a copy? Thanks.
  11. I've been using ImgBurn to backup my audio CDs in my collection. Some of them I'm copying to actual CD media. I have .cue, .ccd, .img, and .bin files to work with but I have found no way to create a volume label using the standard two-step disc copy process => read CD to bin file and then write bin file to CD. I know that volume labels can be created from the Build mode but is there a way to create a volume label using the disc copy process? Much obliged.
  12. ManFromAustin

    ImgBurn's bin and cue files

    Thanks so much. I got both DAEMON Tools and Virtual CloneDrive working per your instructions, however, DVDFab Virtual Drive was a no go.
  13. ManFromAustin

    ImgBurn's bin and cue files

    I'm a recent convert to ImgBurn and new to this forum. BTW, I just love this program! My latest project is backing up my audio CD library. I have all of my converted CDs stored on my hard drive in .bin / .cue files. Question: Is there any programs that can play my music directly from these files? I'm curious also to know what other programs can use/read these files created by ImgBurn? Peace.

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