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  1. Thanks for the link. SmartPack didn't show an update as available here. The CL0B firmware fixes these issues for me. Now I don't have to use separate software for DVD/AVCHD and blu-ray. I still don't understand why the different burning software seemed to split down the middle into programs that made compatible burns and ones that didn't. I wonder exactly which thing the drive was doing wrong. But I'm sure glad it's fixed! Sorry about putting this in the ImgBurnb bugs section, but I thought that maybe it could be. Thanks for the explanations and possible workarounds (and ImgBurn!) ------------ greg
  2. Yeah, it's not just PS3 compatibility problems, but problems with a lot of standalone players. A recent newegg review indicates that the firmware update will be available next week and should resolve these issues (according to liteon tech support). To keep this at least tangentially related to ImgBurn I did try to use the incremental write mode, but the disc still was not playable in my PS3. So I suppose I can't get rid of my other burning software until after a firmware update.
  3. Thanks. I'm holding out for the firmware update as we speak. I can't test the incremental write setting until this evening, but I don't know if I'll even bother since DAO works in other software (I think. it's auto setting between physical, virtual, spared...) I might just do DVDs in ImgBurn and BD-R in something else until I get my firmware update. I posted this because I figured, if nothing else, you should know so that you can tell other liteon users with problems that it's the fault of their drives and not ImgBurn. Clearly, you already knew that.
  4. Hello, I've started using a Lite-On iHBS112 blu-ray burner with 4x Optical Quantum BD-R media. I've been using ImgBurn to burn some video blu-ray discs with the ouput from BD Rebuilder. When I do this, the discs I get are not recognized in my PS3; not even as data discs. It just doesn't see them. At first, I assumed that this was a problem with my media quality, but now I believe that this is not the case. The newegg reviews (link below) now indicate that many people are having this problem with the current cl04 firmware for the drive when using ImgBurn. Other discs, including AVCHD discs on DVD media, work fine in my PS3. The solution that we've found is to use alternate burning software. Four discs from ImgBurn are not recognized in my PS3. All four burned with BurnAware Free work fine. I don't know if this is a firmware problem, or an ImgBurn problem, but I'd like to bring it to your attention. All of the discs work fine in PowerDVD on the PC. Only PS3 and standalone compatibility are effected. I don't have any logs of the burns right now. Nor was anything unusual in the log window during the burn (no errors,buffer problmes, spti issues, etc) But here is some information: ImgBurn Build and write mode with: MODE1/2048 UDF 2.50 using the CERTIFICATE and BDMV folders. That's it. Link to newegg reviews which show similar problems recently. Search for the "The Beast" post to see the same issue as I have. Also note that for those who mention ImgBurn, it is in regard to standalone incompatibility. Newegg Reviews of the iHBS112 Thank you for your time. -greg
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