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  1. It's on the read portion. I typically back up to a second disc when I burn (which I try to make a differing brand to the first disc). I've tried the process to multiple hard drives so I'm left with BOTH of these may not be the best media. I figured if they'd play, they could be read and archived as an iso (or folder)
  2. @dbminter Yes! That is what I need. AS my previous post indicates, the error I received may not be a result of my workflow but this is what I was lookinf for when I posted the question. Thanks!
  3. I guess I wasn't clear. I AM able to mount the disc and get it started but once it starts, I get read errors "Data error: (cyclic redundancy check)" Having never done this method, I thought I might have been doing something wrong. I'm not sure what that is - is there any way to bypass or workaround this error? (the disc is clean and playable and I have a duplicate of every disc and get the same error)
  4. Is there a step-by-step for the build process requested when trying to rip a multi-track BD-R to .iso? After days of going at it on my own, I decided to raise the white flag and ask. My discs are home videos produced and burned with PowerDirector in Windows 10 so no encryption, etc. Thanks for any direction you can give!
  5. Yes, it doesn't make any difference with these particular discs. Didn't think about it on this particular attempt. Used another computer and it worked on most of the discs I was having trouble with. Laser issue maybe? Now the only ones I am left with are DL BD-R's. When I try to use ImgBurn, I get a multi-track error. I am directed to use 'Build Mode' but I cannot find how to use Build Mode to create a backup from a BD disc. When i try to add the folder, it just doesn't appear. Can you provide a link for this? I've had no luck searching
  6. While I am asking questions....why (on NON-DL BD-R's) do I get an 'incompatible medium' read error though I am 50+% or more of the way complete ? I/O Error! Device [1:2:0] hp BD-RE BH20L B57A (F:) (ATAPI) SciStatus: 0x02 Interpretation: Check Condition CDB: 28 00 00 33 93 60 00 00 01 00 Interpretation Read (10) - Sector 3380064 Sense Area: 70 00 02 00 00 00 00 0A 00 00 00 00 30 00 00 00 00 00 SK Interpretation: Not Ready ASC/ASCQ Interpretation: Incompatible Medium Installed LOG FILE ATTACHED BUT IT IS FULL OF VARIOUS ERRORS I HAVE BEEN GETTING OVER THE LAST DAY OR TWO. THE ABOVE ERROR IS THE LATEST IN THE LOG ImgBurn.log
  7. For the last several years I have used the media from our camcorder and created 'family video discs' using either Premiere Elements or (more recently) PowerDirector. I've always made a second copy (using ImgBurn) and kept the second off-site "just in case". Recently I've become concerned that with time the homemade discs may fail so I decided to create an .iso of every disc I have made and store it away as well. A few of my more recent discs are larger and I used BD-R's that are dual layered (50 GB) and ImgBurn won't even attempt to do them using the 'Create image from disc' mode. Is there a solution to getting an .iso from DL discs using ImgBurn? I've also tried two SlySoft solutions that I already own (AnyDVD HD & CloneBD) and they fail as well but the disc DOES play.
  8. FANTASTIC! It worked. Thanks for the clarification!
  9. Ok. That didn't work either. I chose "Create image file from disc" and when I started I got the following: 1. You've only selected 1 file and it looks like it's an image file! <file location> You're in 'Build' mode, are you sure you want to create a backup of this image rather than just burning it normally? Note: If you want to burn normally, click 'No', switch to 'Write' mode and then try again. -> I clicked yes and it took me to a 'Confirm Volume Label' page and I chose yes and I got an error (note, I also chose no and got the same error). Next, I get an size error that reads, "Ca' tab. dd file to image! <filename> Size 24,220,008,448 bytes. ISO9660 Limit 4,294,967,295. Reason: File size exceeds the limit imposed by the ISO9660 file system. Hint: If you want to backup this file, you'll have to do one of the following: 1. Switch the 'File System' option on the 'Options' tab to 'UDF', 2. Enable the 'Allow Files Exceeding Size Limit' option on the 'Advanced' -> 'Restrictions -> 'ISO9660" I did #1 and changed from ISO9660 + UDF to UDF only and let it run. It successfully produced and .iso file, so I changed modes on ImgBurn to burn it. It burned successfully but by BluRay player (Oppo BDP-83) saw it as a data disc. I put it back in my computer and it was also seen as a data disc. I recehecked everything....I had indeed selected the .iso that was produced from the first ImgBurn run, but the file that was on the disc was back to a .bin!
  10. hp BD-RE BH20L B57A (ATAPI) Current Profile: BD-R Disc Information: Status: Incomplete State of Last Session: Incomplete Erasable: No Sessions: 1 Sectors: 11,826,176 Size: 24,220,008,448 bytes Time: 2628:04:26 (MM:SS:FF) TOC Information: Session 1... (LBA: 0) -> Track 01 (Mode 1, LBA: 0 - 11826175) -> LeadOut (LBA: 11826176) Track Information: Session 1... -> Track 01 (LTSA: 0, LTS: 10016, LRA: 0) -> Track 02 (LTSA: 10016, LTS: 11815872, LRA: 0) -> Track 03 (LTSA: 11825888, LTS: 288, LRA: 0) BD Disc Information: Disc ID: SONY-NS2-02 Disc Type: BD-R Disc Size: 120mm Disc Class: 0 Disc Version: 1 Number of Layers: 1 Layer Type: Writable DVD Layer Present: No CD Layer Present: No Channel Bit Length: 74.5nm (25GB Per Layer) Push-Pull Polarity: Positive Recorded Mark Polarity: HTL BCA Present: Yes Maximum Transfer Rate: Not Specified Last User Data PSN for Disc: 0 First PAA of Data Zone: 131,072 Last PAA of Data Zone: 1,658,494
  11. Not sure I understand what you mean (either by CS5 making a multisession disc (I'm new to CS5), OR but pointing to the drive with the disc in it (I think that is what I did to begin with)). I have ImgBurn open and I have 6 choices on the screen (the EzMode Picker). I chose "Create Image file from disc" last time. And I got the same error, "As Yoda would say, "Hmm, Failed in your attempt to outsmart me, you have." ISO is not an apprpriate container format for the current disc and regardless of what you select for the file extension, I will not create a true (MODE1/2048)ISO image! The file will be created with a '.bin' extension instead." It looks like I misquoted the error in the original question. I apologize but I still need help in backing up this disc. I have tried to make an ISO image 4-5 times and the only thing it will allow me to do is a .bin file. Cynthia, I tried to do a straight burn of a .bin on my first attempt, I got an error and it ruined the burn disc.
  12. I did a project using a AVCHD and go it to BluRay using Premiere CS5. It works file but I lost my raw data and really want a backup (just in case). I used ImgBurn to rip it and it immediately gave me an error stating that it would not make a .iso image of a 1080/24 file. Instead, it would make a .bin image. What do I do now to get this to a writable state so that I can make a workable BluRay backup out of it? Do I treat is as an .iso file and just go about it the same way? I ran across this before when I tried to backup this exact disc (it is my only 1080/24 project) and I never got it to burn. Now I'm back, determined to get a backup of this! Thanks for any information that you can give me. -Chris
  13. I will try again. I wish I could rememeber the exact message but it was quoted as Yoda and dealt directly with not being able to do 1080p/24. Will copy and post message next time.
  14. I have been creating BD-R home movies form an HDV camcorder + Premiere Elements 7&8 for a while now and once the disc is created, I have used imgburn to make a backup copy because it was MUCH faster than reburning through Premiere Elements. Recently I moved from HDV to AVCHD and from Premiere Elements to Premiere CS5. As I went through my first couple of projects, this combination proved much faster. When I went to make backup copies, Imgburn would not burn the new default I had selected through these changes - 1080p/24. Is there a way to get imgburn to make copies of my projects? I'm so used to this working flawlessly (in my previous setting of 1080p/60), I deleted my files and now I am left with one copy only. These are family movies and I would hate to lose my footage permanently and not have a backup! If imgburn won't do it, can anyone suggest a program that will - preferably FREE since I will ultimately change my project settings back to 1080p/60 and return to imgburn. Thanks! BTW - the intial file I crested was a .iso file - which would not complete the burn. Other posts I see (using different software, such as Sonic), created a .gi file? Am I starting wrong?
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