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    Error Upon Closing ImgBurn

    Any suggestion on how I can go about "corrupted cache data, seek errors, corrupted virtual memory sector, etc. And occasionally when windows starts to write virtual memory and all of a sudden the disk fills up before windows completes. This one usually crashes explorer." fixing or testing this area of my computer. Thanks for the reply. Robert1
  2. robert1

    Error Upon Closing ImgBurn

    "The instruction at "0x7c80d189" referenced memory at "0x7815ecdf". The memory could not be read." I am also getting the above message only since I updated to Have now gone back to doesn't seem to create the error on closing. But has not stopped the ImgBurn error read message when I use Ulead VideoStudio SE 8. It comes up at the end of convert and start of actual burn of disc or creation file. Nero has a problem but just freezes computer now and I don't know for sure that these problems are related. Robert

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