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    Download Warning of Malicious Code

    I just tried downloading the latest version of ImgBurn from the (supposedly official) download page at: http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download I clicked on the GREEN 'Download Now' icon, the one with the BLUE downward arrow on the left hand side. This was the file: http://downloads.smarttweak.us/smc/33242/imgburn_smc_installer.exe As soon as the download had completed I got a warning that this was a file with embedded Malicious Code and to delete it immediately - which I did. I then decided not to upgrade ImgBurn and will now never do so. I simply cannot trust you. ImgBurn itself might have embedded malicious code too. It is quite unacceptable to have such code - apparently malicious - so freely and easily downloadable from the official site. C.J.Brady
  2. ChrisJBrady

    Burn ISO to Hard-drive not Disk

    I have used imgBurn to import, i.e. read, an AVI file which was produced on my Fuji Finepix camera. Then I used the Build option to convert this to an ISO file. BUT instead of burning the result to an optical disk I want to 'burn' it to my hard-drive and/or a flash drive. That is I want the \VIDEO_TS folders etc. and VOB file(s) to be created onto my hard-drive &/or a flash drive. Will imgBurn do this? InterVideo could do this, but I only have an XP version on a defunct laptop. Currently I'm using a netbook with Win 7 Starter (sans Windows DVD Maker). Thanks - Chris B.
  3. I've just purchased a Samsung dvd-r reader/writer for my netbook. Rather than install the bloated Nero Essentials (at considerably extra cost) I have heard that imgBurn is a good alternative. So I've downloaded it to my netbook and installed it OK. So here's my problem. On my laptop I have InterVideo. I import an avi file into that, then choose burn video and it makes a full video dvd, i.e with \Video_TS folder etc., and VOB file etc., in just a couple of clicks. But with imgBurn it does not seem to be so straight forward. I have tried to import the avi file into imgBurn, and then managed to convert it to an iso file still on the hard disk. But what now? How do I use imgBurn to create the \Video_TS folders etc., and then reformat / export the iso file as a vob file etc. to the dvd-r disk in the writer? Thank you P.S. I tried to do a search for 'avi' in the FAQ and Help files - as suggested - but this failed due to 'avi' being only three letters. So its not possible to search by three letter format codes!!
  4. ChrisJBrady

    Need Simple Process to go from AVI to VOB to DVD

    When you say InterVideo, are you refering to WinDVD Creator? If you finaly have the Video_TS folder created, use this Guide to burn it to disc using ImgBurn. InterVideo was pre-installed when I bought my Toshiba Qosmio laptop. I believe that it is now called WinDVD - however I still use it as InterVideo. I can import an avi file into it. Put this on the timeline. Maybe edit it, or add menus, captions, fade, etc., or do no edits at all. Then it outputs everything directly to a dvd-r during which it creates the \Video_TS folder, vob files, etc., i.e. it creates a fully playable dvd. It has none of the messing around of ingBurn. BUT I can't transfer my copy of InterVideo from my laptop to my netbook since I don't have the installation disks 'cos it was pre-installed on the former.

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