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  1. yeah single drive disc copy or disc to disc is a must have please implement this feature. (with "on the fly" option)

    In my opinion an "on the fly" copy option would complete this software, its been asked for many times before.

    But we have to respect LUK when he says its not going to happen.

  2. what is the best DVD+R DL burner to buy for my Dell XPS 200, it's a slim drive and my other other one doesn't write DVD+R DL disks.


    In general Pioneer drives with verbatim media are hard to beat for DL burning !

  3. One (on-the-fly) would maintain the existing file system (as it's a sector by sector copy of the entire disc), the other creates a new one.


    The actual file content would be identical.


    Ahh right, thanks.

    I duplicate quite a lot of dvd video discs (weddings,party's etc.) as the file system is the same, I am assuming its quite safe to do it that way ?

    (just want to ditch nero)

  4. Nope.




    What is the difference between burning a disc from files/folders on a disc in another drive OR an actual on-the-fly option ?


    It does work , i tried it once but just wanted to know what the difference was.

  5. Might have asked for this before, but now LUK is probably thinking up new features rather than minor updates I would like to "Plead" for on-the-fly burning of media.


    To cut a long story short I duplicate 100's of disks every month as part of my business and I would love it if i could uninstall Nero and let the mighty ImgBurn take over !!


    Come on LUK, you know you want to ;)

  6. I don't know exactly what level Audio CD's will be supported... probably just from a bin/cue at first in 'Write' mode.


    Then perhaps I'll try and do something with 'Build' mode so that you can burn wav's / mp3's.


    Thats great to hear, with IB being such a fantastic app its only natural people are going to ask for more and more features.

    Keep up the great work. ImgBurn rules.



  7. Its not that bad a suggestion , Why tell him to go and get other software .

    I use both software and it would be one less app on my PC if ImgBurn could create audio cd's with the build mode.

    When someone suggested creating a DVD with .vob files it was done , and nobody said go and "try something else"

    This is the suggestion forum after all.

    @ piovrauz , i second your suggestion.

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