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  1. Well mostly they are individual dts wav files with a cue file. I've even used ImgBurn to make the cue in the past, or I build one myself. The dts wav files are always 44.1 because of course that's the cd standard. dts files usually appear as stereo files except for an application or player that recognizes the format. All that is fine, but as long as the files are not altered it should not matter what ImgBurn thinks they are, I'm thinking. But having said that, after burning, the files show up in Foobar as 16 bit stereo files instead of 6 (5.1) channel DTS files. That's showing in the images I posted, that opening the cue file in Foobar shows the files playing as 6 channel dts files, but after burning to disc they show up as stereo files, although there is nothing there, no music at all. It's a mystery to me. I burn DVD-R, DVD+R DL, BD-R, BD-R DL very often and DTS-CD's somewhat often, with no problems usually. I tried one set of files/cue in Nero (I don't like to use Nero, I use ImgBurn for everything) and it did just what it was supposed to. So I'm stumped. I'll figure it out eventually, I just wanted to get these two discs burned and finished. Thanks for looking, if any thing occurs please let me know.
  2. ...just burned perfectly with Nero. Still not sure what I'm missing; same old stuff as always; open the cue file with ImgBurn and burn. But something is wrong. I'll keep looking at it.
  3. Hopefully the images show the cue/wav playing as dts in foobar, ImgBurn burning the files, and the files showing (but not playing) as stereo in foobar after burning to disc. I have burned many many dts-cd's in ImgBurn and can't for the life of me figure what is wrong. dts.burn.log
  4. Makes sense. It has only prompted me to select a layer break on a few DVD-A structures...but I can say I've burned a few DL lately and listened in 5.1 and watched whatever was offered in the way of photos/lyrics without the sound being disturbed that I could tell. Thanks,guys!
  5. Hi all. When creating a DVD-Audio DL image using both Audio TS & Video TS folders in build mode, I'm not getting the option to select the layer break when the calculator button is pressed. The Auto checkbox next to the calculator is not selected. When I go ahead and have ImgBurn create the image, I can see in the log that the layer break is created automagically by ImgBurn but with no input by me. This isn't the behaviour I remember from times past, what am I missing or not doing?
  6. Mandrix

    ImgBurn not detecting all write speeds

    That's what I suspected. Thanks!
  7. Greetings. I have an HP dvd1140 writer. It's a 16x DVD & 48x CD writer. (I'm thinking probably a Lite On) Mostly I burn CD's using Verbatim media. I often have to run/exit ImgBurn several times and/or eject/reload the media to get ImgBurn to display the 48x CD write rate. Even then I sometimes get a "write speed miscompare" and it will default to writing a CD at 16x. Has anyone seen this/have a fix? regards Mandrix

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