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  1. Yeah, they ask me for a DDP image file but I'm not rich enough to buy a soft like this one, for example. So I sent a burned disc by postal mail. Today I burned another one very carefully and hope it was just a burning problem, I hope ... Thank you
  2. Ok, that's what I thought. By the way, Thank you Lightning for your great job
  3. Here is the MD5 original bin : AA746ABCAA11AD421D555C843CD74598 "copy" bin : 595CE4B7EEA6299871730A2660AE6129 And I attach you the imgburn log Maybe someone could explain me the difference between "Device MD5" and "Image MD5" in it.. Thank you ImgBurn.log
  4. Hello, I created a mixed audio CD (extra / enhanced) with Nero : 14 audio tracks + 1 data track in MODE 2 Form 1 for computers. After that I saved a proper bin+cue image with ImbBurn and sent it to a CD replicator, they said me that the disc is not complient and found a lot of unreadable sectors. Anyway, I tried to burn another one properly with my ImgBurn files (bin + cue) in verify mode (everything is ok). Then I perfom a test experiment and read the copy with ImgBurn to create a new BIN+CUE image. When I perform a hash command on each files (the first BIN versus the second one), I find different MD5 strings... Is it normal ? Why verify mode said everything is ok ? Isn't be possible to create a good reliable bin image from a Mixed disc ? Thank you Nicolas France
  5. Sorry, Here is the log with, problem still here ImgBurn.log.zip
  6. Hi It seems I have the same problem with the guy in this topic http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=15671 (but I can't reply there) I attempt to create an image of an old audio replicated CD (with some littles scratchs). Imgburn 2.5.10 fails on track 2 : it just freezes (no error message after a long time) I manage to create a bin image with Isobuster so it's OK. But does it prove that my CD is OK ? (My client wants to be sure before duplicate CD from image). So my question is simple : does the problem come from ImgBurn or the disc ? Thank you Nicolas from Paris ImgBurn.log.zip
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