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    CD Extra (Enhanced) : MD5 Miscompare

    Yeah, they ask me for a DDP image file but I'm not rich enough to buy a soft like this one, for example. So I sent a burned disc by postal mail. Today I burned another one very carefully and hope it was just a burning problem, I hope ... Thank you
  2. Hello, I created a mixed audio CD (extra / enhanced) with Nero : 14 audio tracks + 1 data track in MODE 2 Form 1 for computers. After that I saved a proper bin+cue image with ImbBurn and sent it to a CD replicator, they said me that the disc is not complient and found a lot of unreadable sectors. Anyway, I tried to burn another one properly with my ImgBurn files (bin + cue) in verify mode (everything is ok). Then I perfom a test experiment and read the copy with ImgBurn to create a new BIN+CUE image. When I perform a hash command on each files (the first BIN versus the second one), I find different MD5 strings... Is it normal ? Why verify mode said everything is ok ? Isn't be possible to create a good reliable bin image from a Mixed disc ? Thank you Nicolas France
  3. Kasiorn

    CD Extra (Enhanced) : MD5 Miscompare

    Ok, that's what I thought. By the way, Thank you Lightning for your great job
  4. Kasiorn

    CD Extra (Enhanced) : MD5 Miscompare

    Here is the MD5 original bin : AA746ABCAA11AD421D555C843CD74598 "copy" bin : 595CE4B7EEA6299871730A2660AE6129 And I attach you the imgburn log Maybe someone could explain me the difference between "Device MD5" and "Image MD5" in it.. Thank you ImgBurn.log
  5. Kasiorn

    CD audio analyse freeze

    Hi It seems I have the same problem with the guy in this topic http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=15671 (but I can't reply there) I attempt to create an image of an old audio replicated CD (with some littles scratchs). Imgburn 2.5.10 fails on track 2 : it just freezes (no error message after a long time) I manage to create a bin image with Isobuster so it's OK. But does it prove that my CD is OK ? (My client wants to be sure before duplicate CD from image). So my question is simple : does the problem come from ImgBurn or the disc ? Thank you Nicolas from Paris ImgBurn.log.zip
  6. Kasiorn

    CD audio analyse freeze

    Sorry, Here is the log with, problem still here ImgBurn.log.zip

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