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    ImgBurn Icons Displaying Incorrectly

    Wow! Thank you so much, LIGHTNING UK! I may have deleted the cache using a temporary files cleaner that's why this happened. Again, thank you! ImgBurn's the best!
  2. fallenarchangel

    ImgBurn Icons Displaying Incorrectly

    Hi Everyone, I just installed ImgBurn about 2 days ago and it automatically placed a shortcut in my desktop. Last night, I decided to delete the shortcut so my desktop would look a little cleaner (less icons). But when I checked its shortcut in the Start Menu and its shortcut in All Programs, I noticed that ImgBurn's icons are not displaying correctly (I believe it's displaying the "No File/Program Assocation" icon). However, clicking on them still opens the program. I tried reinstalling the program and deleted the desktop shortcut again, but the results are still the same. I have attached before-and-after screenshots (compressed into ImgBurnIcon.zip) in this post. ImgBurnIcon.zip

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