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  1. I did not use any other program to load ImgBurn, I loaded the ISO directly, and yes, I did set the layer break manually. I think I figured out what was causing my problems. Alcohol 120%! I noticed the virtual devices it creates and had a hunch it was doing something. I Googled it and saw others were having problems caused by A120 also. I not only had to uninstall the program, I had to manually delete the devices from device manager, remove the services from the registry, and delete the driver files. So far I've burned 1 DL and 2 SL's (which I did not think had the same problems I had experienced with the DL's, but in fact did) without problems.
  2. I've burned a couple of SL discs without problems, but I'll try to test some more. Yes, once it gets to the 'waiting for device buffer thread message', the Time Elapsed will still continue to rise, until I click anywhere on the GUI. At that point, it stops counting and the rest of the app becomes unresponsive. I have to use task manager to kill it. Then, since the drive is still locked, I have to open the app again and click the eject button to eject the disc. At this point, I can then put it back in and manually finish the disc. Perhaps a hardware problem? I also have an NEC 33550a, I'll try it out on that burner and see if it exhibits any similar problem. Of course, I burned 2 more discs last night and they both worked perfectly fine, finalized the disc and all Thank you!
  3. I just started using ImgBurn recently and I really like it. However, I've run into a problem the last couple of days. I have a Pioneer DVR-111D drive with firmware 1.23 and have been burning onto Verbatim DL discs (MKM-001-00). The first 4 DL images I burned were perfect. However, the next 5 I tried all ended with ImgBurn locking up during the closing/finishing stage. All the data would finish writing, the progress would get to 100%, the program buffer would empty down to 0%, but then the device buffer would not move and the program would lock up at this point. Also, the bottom-left corner of the window would say "Waiting for Device Buffer Thread". I tried burning again the next day after a fresh reboot and 2 burns finished with no problems. I thought my problems may have been heat related or perhaps there was an interfering app. However, after that, I ran into the same problem again and made 2 more coasters. Attached is a screenshot of the program when it locks up. I could not save a logfile because the app locks up and I have to kill it with task manager. I was really bummed because I had just made 7 expensive coasters, but after searching this forum, I did find out that I could at least "rescue" the discs. Since all the data was written ok and just locked up during the closing of the disc, I found that if I used Tools->Drive->Close->Track and Tools->Drive->Close->Disc, then the discs came out ok! Thanks. btw, my system is XP SP2 and I am using SPTI.
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