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  1. Thank you for your fast work. Look farward to testing the new changes when they get released. Vytautas
  2. Sorry, one more question. Is there and option to specify the default value of the message box that pops up when only one folder is selected in build mode? Vytautas
  3. Hi, I'm trying to setup a backup script using ImgBurn and i ran in to a couple of problems. 1) The documentation, e.g. the readme file seems to have a error in it. It says that /SRC can specify a folder like this /SRC "C:\DVD_FILES\VIDEO_TS\" <-- taken directly from the readme. However when i specify the folder in this manner it is not added to the burn list. It only appears to work without the postfixed \ 2) Is there a way to specity more than one source folder on the command line without using an IBB file? Any help greatly appreaciated. Vytautas
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