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  1. There's little doubt that Linux (overall) is a great OS. As previously mentioned, if you want driver support for the latest hardware, you're screwed. The popularity of Windows ensures that you can at least find the driver you need. Having to fuck around with kernels, crappy hardware support and the general "unfriendliness" of many aspects of Linux is what keeps alot of people from using it. Granted that there's thousands of virii all targetting Windows but there's also a shitload of free software available to deal with it and protect against it. It's not that I love Windows (as a die-hard Amiga fan that's impossible) but, as a general rule, Windows does what it's supposed to. It's not a great OS but it's the easiest to use. A quality product isn't determined by how good it is. It's determined by the consumer under the expectation that it'll do what it's supposed to do. Windows might suck in certain aspects but it's made for the greater mass market of users who are essentially computer illiterate. If they plug a camera into it - it'll work....... usually. K I completly Agree on everything you said so lets end this post here " Granted that there's thousands of virii all targetting Windows but there's also a shitload of free software available to deal with it and protect against it." Very True although most Anti-Virii apps are bloated but efficeint in catching MOST of the malware out there, although they aren't 100% safe and we can agree on that right? rootkits are the future of malware (which ironically started on Linux (or BSD I think?) I dont feel safe using windows with that threat upon it (this meaning Windows XP users in general my system was always clean and i never had to use any antivirii software just rkunhooker very cool app ) But like you said Windows XP is and will be a well rounded OS and is very user friendly I will probably(I hope not) later reinstall it on my system (probobly due to this post) and due to the fact that is hassupport for MOST hardware out there! ""unfriendliness"" of linux is the only thing killing it(next to drivers that it cannot provide) like i said in my other posts Windows OS's are ok for "most people not all" "If they plug a camera into it - it'll work....... usually. " Like XP alot of drivers provided for certain hardware are "gerneric" under linux hoping that you understand that concept we can also agree that the phrase "should work" instead of "usually should" is not used (work in XP (now Vista)) due to the use of alot of generic drivers. i have a digital camera that did not specify if it included support for Linux 2.6.x.x I pluged it in and it worked! so this not having driver thing that Linux is known for is going to change in the coming months or years "A quality product isn't determined by how good it is. " although it should? well thats all (for now) although you never answered my question? what Linux Distro did you use?
  2. LOL yea how long ago and what Linux Distro? like i said newer kernels support more hardware and as more hardware companies decide to open source to their drivers hardware incapabilities will disappear (not any time soon though) for the "too many versions of Linux." its true but better then you have more to choose from rather then just one although its harder to settle down with only one also to your last statement like i said better memory management Linux file systems ext2,ext3 are less prone to fragmentation as well. "Strange with it being so FREE that only 10% of the market uses it. Or would that be 5% Mac 5% Linux ?" LOL got me well thats cuz no one knows about Linux, that is changing as well since Dell is begining to sell Computers with Ubuntu (which is slow compared to other Linux distros, I dislike ubuntu very slow, alot of bugs as well I actually think it is against most hardware companies contracts with Microsoft to sell anything other then Vista (already change most are selling XP upon request. and Apple Computers are way to expensive. Also I would use windows xp over mac osx anyway I REALLY hate how they market their products: BASH the opposition and don't talk about your product is an excellent marking scheme (At least Microsoft doesn't do this) excuse the typos
  3. ok if u get the idea that i meant all apps coded in delphi are crappy LOL i didnt mean that only that alot of people attempt to code in it when they cant and at the same time there are many apps that are coded in delphi that are incredible! (this is also the same for VB) "I will never (i hope that stays true) use Windows Vista smile.gif if anyone wants to know why reply and ill explain smile.gif " Is what I said, not that you shouldn't use Vista. Vista is an "OK"(lemme go wash my hands ) OS for most people, but not all. for me there are several reasons why I will not use vista I think Genuine Advantage is an OK idea to stop piracy so that is the only reason it is not on this list although making sure your copy of XP as "Genuine" every time you went to Microsoft Homepage to download "certain apps" was a real pain in the arse (since most downloads were available to any user and some weren't which didnt make any sense at all?) 1.)Price not everyone can afford to spend $300(is that right amount?) on XP with alot of visual improvements and "security" enhancements Although microsoft is getting smart and will soon cut prices (to let people buy new pcs to get "Vista" on it 2.)Monitered information Vista logs what you do (not specifically) and sends to microsoft servers 3.)That 26page license I think that explains it all 4.)DRM in place I dont think i should be limited in using Music that I have purchased (I dont like Big Brothers) 5)Hardware Requirments to run. Vista by defualt using around 600megs of ram this is not including video memory for "aero" which would either require a top notch video card or shared memory which then decreases overall system performance. Those systems with 1gig of Ram running vista are killing with paging (why do you think it is recommended to get 2gigs of ram?) so to basically run vista I need a brand new pc 7.) So many Different Versions. XP had a great Idea Home and Pro only different were networking cabilities (working in domains etc.. etc...) now there is Home, Busisness (both have different versions as well: Basic and Premium if the PC is to old Basic will disable Aero) and Vista Ultimate each one has different Features and Ultimate has them all it all depends on how much You the consumer want to spend so certain features are not disabled Why did I switch to linux? 1.)The idea of GNU software 2.)Cost, although when I am imployed i wish to donate back to the "community" (including imgburn ) 3.)Hardware requirements that is self understood (more you have more you get got a good pc with linux on it?, then get compiz fusion something windows well bever have) 4.)LESS Viruses - Linux and Mac based os's can have viruses but if ure making a virus who are going to target? 10% of the computer Market or 90% of it? 5.) Linux Distos (for the most part) are more efficient then Microsoft Based OS's (work better on older systems(not including KDE lol), better memory managment etc... etc... no registry, ) 6.)Better for the Power User. The user has much more control over what he/she is doing nothing hidden in the backround restricted what you do 7.)Much more flexible then Windows. You control EVERYTHING you do in linux 8.)Dont "baby" you as the user you are expected to know why you are doing Also some other links that can better explain why http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/ http://www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/~pgut001/pubs/vista_cost.html Things I dont like about Linux 1.) Drivers Less Driver Support which is already beginning to change with more recent kernels, and More Hardware Manufacturers are becoming Linux compliant 2.)Less software, Although I have found every kind of software I had under Windows under Linux (so this is more of a gerneral statement) which will soon be less true as more users switch over (meaning more programmers which also goes back to idea of GNU everything is made by the commmunity so you to can help contribute to a greater cause) 3.)Dont "baby" you as the user you are expected to know why you are doing (yes i already said that but it goes both ways ) 4.)Less support (doesnt affect me more general problem about linux although forums, irc, etc... etc.. do and can help ) (List for XP would be longer ) Im not telling anyone to switch to linux i was only responding to what dontasciime said and asked and yes LUK ure right "Oh dear, you had to take the bait didn't you tongue.gif" LOL and going back to what I said originally, Vista is a "Great" OS to use (lemme go wash my hands) for most people but not for all
  4. LOL "how powerful VB.NET 2005 has become." I already understand that but lemme try and keep it short and simple every year Microsoft releases a programming language that makes coding really simple(Very n00b Friendly), visual basic(basic for that matter if you know what that is ) was incredible when it first came out now there is .net framework which started out at 1.0 and is now at 3.5. Each time it gets more powerful as you would say. You are not really coding if u want to call what you are doing in a .net environment coding your calling up prewritten code. Its more Powerful because it is much easier to "script". .net and vb didn't just pop out of thin air it was made from another coding langauge now to run a .net app you need to install the framework which can be a real pain in the @ss its a 30meg file that installs itself and adds a ton of reg keys, startup processes, and comes out uncompressed at around 200megs (fabulous compression btw kudos Microsoft) I personally don't want to download and do this every time some noob releases a very simple hack of a progam . Imgburn is very simple to use not for the average user ill admit that but if it is so complex then either go out and buy Nero since it is aimed at noobs or use Windows XP Build in Burning Feature? since you expect the user to be able to download and run something as "powerful" as the .net framework i believe you also expect to be running at least windows XP. why did I refer to .net as a scripting language and no more is because a .net app is never actually compiled the "script" that you write is stored within the executable and is ran within a VM in laments terms "a .net interpreter" (.net is the easiest language to reverse engineer go use google and search for decompilers ) (all those extra processes on your pc with .net will have this which converts it to machine understandable language. also what do mean quickest? quickest to code or quickest as in apps are faster(less cpu time and usage also less ram usage)? look at smaller apps, coding in pure C/C++ and ASM and you will be amazed. Also in how they dont require 100's of dlls (where the real code is stored ) you will be very surprising as well. Coding wasn't (or better said shouldnt be) intended for everyone. Thats why you see so many cr@ppy apps(mostly coded in delphi and VB) on Windows and not so much on Linux, BTW Imgburn Forum i have now officially switched to Slackware Linux no more windows (although i am a MCP that is ironic right?) Although I will attempt to keep up with Imgburn when on Windows Hosts or using Windows true a VM since I will never (i hope that stays true) use Windows Vista if anyone wants to know why reply and ill explain
  5. well I agree with the "I agree...the learning curve is pretty low with Imgburn. Kinda a no brainer of a program." But This line explains it all "This program is written in VB.NET 2005" xD
  6. nycjv321

    umm question about DVD +R DL...

    ok is this right then 1)run imgburn 2)click little bookicon 3)go to Lite-On tab 4)in the "change for" drop down box change it for either next write or a specific type like DVD +R DL in my case (so it burns to DVD-ROM with only certain DVD's? types) 5)in the "new settings" drop down box change it to DVD-ROM? 6)click change and done? 7)then continue to burn Dual Layer ISO and when finished it will then reset book type since i set it to next write? if so then DAMN i should have done this before then! thx dude i never knew. Also Imgburn WOW all these settings i learn a new one every day! lol Best Image Burning application! Ever!!!
  7. i just got some Verbatim DVD +R DL's and was wondering on the box it says "for use only in DVD+R DL Hardware" well what about DVD-Rom drives? will they be able to read them? like its common sense it wont work on a CD drive but will it work on DVD-Rom\CD drives? because most Movie DVD's are DL and work fine in DVD-Rom drives so should a DVD+R DL apply as well. or will the drive have to have the logo on the drive stating its ability to read DL discs? or would i have to change book settings before burning? If so can someone explain how to do this? any ideas thx in advance!
  8. nycjv321

    whats better winnaspi32.dll or spti?

    ok then i gues ill just mess around with both then! thx again for the replies!
  9. in imgburn settings it allows u to change the I/O interfaces? i know its how imgburn gets to interact with the dvd/cd rw device but which is preferred winnaspi32.dll or spti or the others listed in settings? another question my dvd rw device says it can burn lightscribe dvd dual layer (-r or +r doesnt matter) disks are they even manufactured ATM? if so were?
  10. nycjv321

    help image editor program?

    thanks ill check em out
  11. nycjv321

    help image editor program?

    umm does anyone a freeware alternative to winimage? thanks in advance!

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