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    It looks to me like a change has been made in that now after I have copied a disc, instead of the program going back to the original screen, it stays there and expects another disc to be put into the dvd drive. This has become a pain in the neck in that now if I click on OK at that point, it tells me the file is already out there and so I have to hit the cancel button to get out of that phase of the program. At this point I feel I have to click on the OK button just to make sure the file really did get out there and then I can click on the cancel button to exit the program. I'm sure if I always copied multiple discs this would be handy but I rarely do that and so I now have extra steps to do I did not have to do before unless I just assume the disc was copied and click cancel to exit without clicking on the OK button. Whose big idea was this? At times I do have more than one disc to copy but they are not going to be put into the same folder anyway so I still have to get back to that opening screen in order to change the destination directory. Did anyone think of that or do people copy every disc into the exact same folder every time and copy more than one disc at a time more than they copy a single dvd? The first screen capture I have attached shows this new message to put in another disc. The second attachment is a screen capture of the screen I want to go back to once I have finished making the ISO from a dvd. As you probably know, if you click on OK in my first attachment without removing the dvd, you get a message that this file is already out there and you have to cancel to get back to the screen shown in my second attachment. It would be nice if the program did it as before so that when you click on OK after creating an ISO, I could start a new ISO and put it into a different directory if I chose to. Other than that, I love this program. It's been sold for many months and has really been a huge help to me in creating ISOs from my dvds so I can get rid of the dvds on my shelves and just play the ISOS from my hard drive. . Thanks for the excellent program

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