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    Unreadable DVD disks

    I feel this functionality reduction since 2.5.4 on Windows 7. Version 2.5.4 refuse to create readable double layer DVDs But version 2.5.5 refuse to to create readable DVDs I can reproduce by these steps: 1. Open ImgBurn; 2. Choose "write files/folders to disc" in the selector; 3. Choose any VIDEO_TS folder from HDD; 4. Perform successfull write process with verification; 5. Exit ImgBurn 6. Try to open DVD in explorer 7. Receive "Change disc" message box If I create an ISO image from this unreadable DVD by any program, I can extract all files from it. For me it looks like problem with creation UDF file system. Possibly ImgBurn using UDF features unsopported in UDF 1.02, selected by default. I have used TEAC drive to burn Verbatim printable DVDs.

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