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  1. I was burning a disk and in the middle of the process i changed the system time (from 7pm to 6pm) and then after the burning was finished, i looked at the duration and it said 52 minutes ! so i suggest imgburn to use a stopwatch (or sth like that , which is not dependent on the system's exact time) for measuring the durations.
  2. Hi, first, please look at this post: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=12392&view=findpost&p=106595 how can you tell that this drive is an Under "LiteOn" drive ? second, is disk quality scan , a drive related feature ? cause i can not scan disk with any software on my drive . P.S: for this drive owners: i think the latest FW is 1.02, you can upgrade yours , if not already up to date.
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