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  1. itshim

    Supid Question Sorry

    Ok I understand sort of. Using DVD flick I want to put a number of clips on to one DVD. Having do what ever it does,It starts to use Img burn. That tells me that it is to many/ or to large. Yet the DVD is nearly m/t. How do I get more clips on to it. Given that I cant knit them into one* (unless you know away of cause) *but that still leaves "too large" . Deleting some works every time!!
  2. itshim

    Supid Question Sorry

    Hi Sorry this is a very silly question with I hope a simple answer. Use DVD flick which then uses imgburn . So far so good. would really like to put more on to a disc already used but with room to spare. Get a message along the lines that the disc has been used. I know but it still has enough room - how do I get over this - if I can
  3. itshim

    DVD Flick

    Sorry if this has been answered before or if I am asking in the wrong place. I use DVD Flick to "create" videos & it does what I want, including using Imgburn to copy to DVD. My problem is that I sometimes incorrectly work out what can be burned. The only way I have found to reduce the number is to start all over again !! So I found this site & downloaded Imgburn as well has having it as part of the dvd flick package. So my question/s are these. I guess I can just burn using IMG - but how do I do it. What files do I need to pick in DVD flick & what do I choose in IMG burn Please simple idiot proof answers - as I really do no have a clue what to do!!

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