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  1. My Ricoh DVD+RW 5240A has a stuffed dvd laser in it, and it reads and writes cds just fine. Haven't used it in a while though.
  2. Right click on the text of the label and choose 'change...'.
  3. I want to go to Florida just so I can go to Busch Gardens theme park. Can't wait to go on Kumba and Montu.
  4. One guy fawkes several years ago, we lit a firework to watch. The first shot went up, then the rest of the shots (another four) proceeded to fire the four corners of the yard, the last one being shot towards us. After the initial scare, the adrenalin was pumping, and we waited a few minutes for it to calm down before continuing. Yeah, they can be dangerous, but we still get blamed if it isn't our fault (for causing potential injury). It's those few people that have creative minds that are messing it up for the rest of us (in NZ). [edit] @ Pain_Main: There are several other movies filmed in NZ: as you said, Lord of the Rings (directed by Kiwi Peter Jackson); The Chronicles of Narnia (directed by another kiwi Andrew Adamson - who also directed Shrek 1 & 2); King Kong, directed by Peter Jackson again; The Last Samurai (filmed mostly in New Plymouth and at Pukekura Park, about an hour north of Hawera); Without a Paddle, The Worlds Fastest Indian, Whale Rider, Siones Wedding. The pm of NZ currently is Helen Clark. We are going to play the hosts to the 2011 Rugby World Cup. A round of the A1GP is to be held at the Taupo Circuit on January 19-21 2007. The ITU World Triathlon was just run in New Plymouth yesterday (on Sunday). Those were just some of the events shceduled to happen in the future.[/edit]
  5. Right, your just doing that to annoy me. But I forgive you .
  6. Good to hear it's almost ready . [edit] Doh, that's like the forth edit today . Fixed typo.[/edit]
  7. Oh, and I prefer to be called Jason, I don't like being called by my full nickname. Just to let you know.
  8. Yeah, about 2 weeks ago on thursday and friday, we had hot days. Last week on thursday and friday, it rained all day. We also tend to run out of water on farms down south during the summer (due to no rain). Also, the desert road (it goes through the middle of the north island, between two mountains I believe) can be closed for a couple of days during the winter because of excess snow fall. I found a story about the Great Fire of Hawera. Link: http://www.taranakimuseum.org.nz/en/storie...ers/bigfire.asp I love stories, especially interesting old ones like this one. I also like the titanic disaster.
  9. The very first DVD player I bought has a standard IDE cable. I managed to break the DVD reader in it, and now it has an old cd player from one of my old pcs. I removed the cover on the drive and the CD clamp from it, and now I just turn it on and off when I want to use it. Unforntunatly, the right front channel on it is distorting so I don't use it anymore. I currently use a PlayStation (1 - bigger grey box) to play my CDs. Had to replace the spindle with one from a portable CD player that broke on me (it was cheap anyway). If that fails, I will just use the stock PlayStation I haven't touched to play them. (I have another broken PlayStation in the closet as well). [edit] whoops, fixed typo.[/edit]
  10. Despite me just being just 20 years old, you guys do tend to be childish somtimes, like now. This is probably the only thread so far that has made me lol . I bet the people next to me were thinking I was a little bit crazy . [edit] I forgot to add I am a seventies and eighties music fan, and I have about 40 - 50 CDs of it.[/edit]
  11. True, I was going to say the same thing.
  12. Hey! Come on, I'm just being honest.
  13. Also, have you tried burning the .iso you made?
  14. I have burnt a copy of that very same file to an imation disc a couple of weeks ago, (the only cd burn of it I have done - the other burns are on DVD+RW) and it came out just fine.
  15. Ahh, I love happy endings .
  16. Sorry LUK, thought it was a good idea at the time (since rockyram didn't say it was a media problem). Maybe I should just stick to the chat forum .
  17. Where did you get from? Is LUK releasing it to his betas before to the public? Wish I was a Beta tester (just to get the new version). [edit] Bold didn't show up.[/edit]
  18. Alright, we need a log so we can see what is really going on. Here's how: Open ImgBurn, press F8 (debug mode), do a burn, and when the burn is finished, press F8 again, copy and paste the text in the log window into notepad, save it, and add the file as an attachment to this thread when replying. We can't do anything about it unless we know the facts. We will be waiting for that log.
  19. Yeah, it's been all over the news during the first half of this month. The government is is still pending on the decision to ban fireworks for private use in NZ. Public displays will still be allowed though. The move to ban private fireworks use comes from people not behaving responsibly enough, and using pipebombs in letterboxes, and fireworks for uses not related to looking up at them in the sky. I remember when they banned sky rockets about a decade ago because they were too dangerous. Personally, I think the age to buy fireworks should go up to 18 from 15 (just like the age to get your learners driver license - from 15 to 16 years old - which hasen't happened yet).
  20. I will take a guess and say that it is bad media? A full log will help (of the burn). I guess it's CMC MAG or RITEK. I know the log will tell us .
  21. Unfortunatly, the max the numbers go up to in NZ is 40. So noone in NZ is going to win the lottery with those numbers.
  22. Can I suggest that you try 6.10 "edgy"? It loads quicker, new splash screen, most of the latest apps, support for multiple desktop environments, etc... (don't want to get carried away). I used a DVD+RW for installing (mostly because I have more of those lying around than CD-RW).
  23. I would take that machine over my Pentium II 450 anyday! I use it to play network hearts with my Win 98 install on my machine (no other purpose though ).
  24. Alright, its gone now (the sig I mean).
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