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  1. I get: DirectShow Filter List: 1. -> Source (Vendor Info: Unknown) 2. -> Wave Parser (Vendor Info: Unknown) 3. -> Sample Grabber (Vendor Info: Unknown) 4. -> Null Renderer (Vendor Info: Unknown) I opened one of the files in GraphEdit and got an 0x8004022f error at the same point in the file (it's during the silence at the end of the track, so there's probably some corrupt data there or something), so the problem is with the files and not ImgBurn. Sorry to bother you. Incidentally, Windows Media Player, VLC and Media Player Classic all played the files without complaint. I'm surprised VLC did, because it's always complaining that my .avi files are "broken", when they aren't.
  2. I got the soundtrack to a game as a pre-order bonus (a zip archive of 29 .wav files) and tried to burn it to a CD. I used Tools > Create CUE File..., added all the .wav files, saved the .cue and then used Write Image File to Disc from the EZ Mode Picker. I got the following error: W 06:27:30 DirectShow Error! - IMediaEvent::WaitForCompletion W 06:27:30 File Name: C:\Users\Steve\Desktop\Dragon Age II Soundtrack - Signature Edition\23 Hero Combat.wav W 06:27:30 Index Progress: 11,818,800 bytes W 06:27:30 Index Size: 12,051,648 bytes W 06:27:30 Reason: An operation was aborted because of an error. (0x00000003) There were also more errors on later tracks, I've attached the .log file for details. As long as I click Yes to each error, the CD burns and subsequently plays fine. I know the wav files are okay because the shovelware multimedia program I got with my PC burnt the files to disc without any problems, and I use Verbatim AZO CD-R discs which are very high quality. ImgBurn.log
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