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    .idd file

    i have xp home and computer crash good went on internet to make a boot disk to do only if i can get to dos i can reformat my hard drive--i have a text file i have converted to ibb that is suppose to do it i am not trying to boot to a already corrupted xp operating system--any ideas?
  2. garydavid

    .idd file

    i have version 2.5.5--created a .idd file went to load project and it loaded so i'm thinking it is format ok. loaded a dvd in my laptop went to labels iso9660----put in my volume label X1AHOEM_EN & joliet went to disk icon bottom of screen sas build--click on and get message the file you selected as a boot image does not exist??? what am i doing wrong
  3. garydavid

    .idd file

    here is file i uploaded
  4. garydavid

    .idd file

    I RELOAD SCREENSHOT---it shows xpsetup as my ibb loaded file and label is X1AHOEM_EN boot path is C:\w2ksect.bin?? so what do i do to fix?
  5. garydavid

    .idd file

    I HAVE THE idd file loaded in source-according to article i read it said do that by load project which i gig then in label i put X1AHOEM_EN IN LABEL according to article i have no idea what to extract in boot image-what is that? i want to burn what i loaded in source
  6. garydavid

    .idd file

    i went to -advance-bootable disk-and went to same .idd file-that shows loaded on left i put in load project when i try to build i still get massage "file or folder does not exist or accesiable" ---i am trying to burn a boot disk for my laptop-this is is a text file converted to a idd file but image burn will not recognize it--i am new to image burn and need all steps to burn this disk-thanks

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