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  1. jwv

    Number of copies

    Worked - thanks! Jerry
  2. Sorry, not during the burn but the info screen between burns. Just a reminder of where I'm at when burning a lot of disks. Thanks Jerry
  3. jwv

    Number of copies

    It would seem more appropriate for the number of copies field to default to one instead of four.\ Jerry
  4. In the write Information panel it would be nice to have the current and number remaining copies to go. For instance, "Writing 1 of 8" Jerry
  5. jwv

    Does not respond to cancel

    Mount may have been a bad choice of words (left over from days of old). ImgBurn was trying to access a CD drive with no CD in it and there was no way out that I could find except to put a CD in and then select a new drive. Just be clear, I did not make an image from a whole CD but rather made and image from various files and folders on a CD. ImgBurn started up still pointing at that drive. jwv
  6. For reasons not important here, I made an image from files and folders on a CD (not of the complete CD). The next time I tried to use ImgBurn, it tried to mount that drive but there was no CD present resulting in a Cancel, Continue, Retry error message. None worked and I had to abort ImgBurn, put a CD in the drive, and then start ImgBurn and finally change to a usable drive. In this case, Cancel should do exactly that and let you select a new drive. Jerry

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