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    Unprotected CD/DVD ripping

    Well, I assumed discussing about the functionailty of ripping inside ImgBurn was not a topic to discuss. It was not clear to me pointing to other software was also not appreciated. I just wanted to help him. I removed my reply.
  2. Ernst

    Unprotected CD/DVD ripping

    == removed by ernstblaauw because it is not the place to discuss here ==
  3. I made a photo CD inside Picasa. I used ImgBurn first to build an ISO, and after that, I wanted to make 28 copies of it. So I told ImgBurn I wanted to burn the ISO to 28 empty CD-R's. But after the fifth burn, ImgBurn did not recognize the empty CD and came up with a error message. I could not go further and thus I had to cancel the operation. Is this a known bug?
  4. Ernst

    Virtual burner

    Now ImgBurn can create ISO's, I thought it would be great if every other program could benefit from this feature. So, ImgBurn should install a virtual burner, which all burning programs can see. Those programs burn to the virtual ImgBurn-Burner as to 'normal' burners, but the virtual burner creates an ISO instead of burning a real disc. I think that would be great. With regards

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