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  1. I know you're probably off this project now, but can it be implemented in a future release ? Seems sad that such an option is missing from an otherwise awesome software !
  2. Hi all .. I have a problem with one of my external 2TB Hard Drives I think .. The USB connector socket on the drive is faulty or something maybe, because of which whenever I'm burning something, and the source ISO is on this external 2TB hard drive, then sometimes the connection between the PC and external hard drive disconnects for a split second, and ImgBurn complains with the following error: However, the disconnect is only for a split second, because even if I immediately click Retry, it resumes the burn .. The disconnect is only for the tiniest moment in time .. Sometimes this gets really annoying because the error starts to appear every 1-2 minutes, and I really have to be on my computer to keep resuming the burn .. Sometimes this error comes like 15-20 times during a single burn ! Is there some setting in ImgBurn through which it can automatically try to resume when such a disconnect happens ? It would save me a LOT of hassle ! Like maybe retry 5-10 times before ultimately prompting me ...
  3. Is there any tutorial which can show how to clean a drive, maybe ? The cleaner discs are probably good, but I don't think it can beat an actual clean done physically by opening up the drive .. Also, I just burnt a few BD-50 BD-RE DL's (same brand as the BD-R DL's) and they burnt fine, without any problems ... Both the BD-R and BD-Re are virtually the same .. The only difference being that the BD-R is burnt 4x, while the BD-RE was burnt at 2x .... Does thing change anything ?
  4. Also, as far as I can tell, read verification problems only occur for Dual Layered Bluray media, at the point where the ImgBurn switches between the layers ... This is why I can never recall having any problems with read verification of BD-25 media ..
  5. Hi Guys, I have a Liteon iHBS112-29 Burner, which I've been using for the past 1.5 years, during which time I've burnt tons of Bluray media .... During this time I rarely ever got a 'Power Calibration Area Error' .. its frequency only increased slightly in about the last 1-2 months (maybe 1 in 8-10 blurays burnt) ... However recently, like in the past 1-2 weeks, its frequency has increased more .. like 1 in 5 maybe ... And today, I burnt the same ISO two, and BOTH times the verification after burn failed at the point where the burner switches between the layers (read verification errors always occur at this point, whenever they do) ... Recently, I've also noticed that in the start of the burn, when trying to write 'Lead-In', the write fails for 1-3 times, after which it works and the burn continues ... After the burn, some pass the verification and some done ... Here is a sample of this: I've always been using Verbatim BD-50 discs which I import from Japan .. They've never really disappointed me, so I don't think its a media issue ... However, having said this, the majority of my burns in the last 1-2 days have used discs from a 50-pack I recently imported, so there might be a slight chance that the 50 pack media is faulty ? I highly doubt this though, as I've burnt 150+ of these Blurays in the past 1.5 years, and never really had any major problem .. Unfortunately I don't have any other media or other Bluray burner to test anything on at this point .. So what can be concluded from this ? Is my drive dying ? If so, can it be cleaned ?
  6. Hi all ... I hope this is the right area to post this query (closest match I found!) .. Not exactly related to ImgBurn in a sense, but still I'm posting this because this is the program I had used Up till now I was using Optical Quantum BD-25 discs (Disc ID: PHILIP-R04-000), and they played back fine on both my PC and PS3 ... I had burnt home made AVCHD/Bluray content on them ... Now recently I purchased some BD-25's of another brand known as 'Hi-disc' (Disc ID: INFOME-R30-000) ... I know it might sound cheap but the seller whom is selling these on eBay says they're very good ... Have a look at the product here: www.http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=310317857284 ... The seller is a very trustable person on eBay as well, whom I've purchased stuff from before too .. Anyways, I just burnt some of these new discs and put AVCHD content on them .. The resulting discs play back perfectly fine with no hiccups on my PC, which I had used to burn them in the first place ... However, they are no even detected in my PS3 ... That is, when I insert the recorded discs into my PS3, no icon shows up for the playback of that disc .. Burnt three discs and the same problem was with all of them .. My PS3 is a little old now (3.5 years), but it reads all other kinds of discs, including game discs and the Optical Quantum BD-25 discs and Verbatim/Mitsubishi BD-50 discs which I've used previously ... But in the defense of these 'Hi-disc' branded discs, I have to say that they played back fine on my PC ... Just not on the PS3 .. So I'm not sure what could be the problem here .. By the way, I normally use ImgBurn to burn the BDMV and CERTIFICATE folders in UDF 2.50 mode ... I burnt them at 2x speed via the Bluray burner that came with my Sony VAIO laptop about 5 months ago ... Pioneer BDR-TD03, firmware version 1.00 .. Can anyone see what the problem could be ?

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