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  1. I sure wish it did! The program does a great job of burning. But I really want multisession capabilites. In fact I want to be able to start a disc on one PC and then use any PC here to add to the disc later. There are some other burning apps I have tried that also seem to work OK and do have multisession, but when I swapped my external bluray drive from my Win7x64 PC to my WinXP PC and used the 32 bit version of the same program to add files, it added the files, but then it messed up the directory on the disc and stopped showing all the files, reporting the event as an error. What was weird afterward was when I closed the test disc, all the files DID end up showing up. But I can't rely on something like that. Still looking......
  2. Oh fudge! Windows built-in burning feature really leaves a lot to be desired. I tried IMGBurn specifically to find a burner app I could use across WinXP SP3 and Win7x64 Home Premium so I could use the same software while moving my Bluray drive around in its external eSATA enclosure to my various PCs here on our LAN. Well, if IMGBurn can't do multisession, I then I guess I'm still looking for a burner app. (Any chance IMGBurn might support this in the future? I'm really surprised it doesn't.) Thanks for the quick reply!!
  3. Hi, I would like to be able to burn data files to CD, DVD, and Bluray media using (to quote the term with which I am familiar -) "multi-session discs". As you probably know, that means allowing me to burn some files, and then later add more files, and then maybe add even more files, etc. until the disc is near capacity, at which point I would close the disc and allow no more writing. I searched for "multi-session" in the Guides but did not find anything. What I did find later was the Settings section on Write Modes. But I am unclear on whether to select Incremental or TAO to best achieve my goal? Obviously the description says SAO/DAO closes the disc at the end, (which happens to be the default setting when IMGBurn is installed). Not realizing this is the default, I have a disc I burned, and later wanted to add files to and cannot. So I'll make a new one, but I want to know which of the other 2 modes you feel would best suit my needs? Incremental mentions allowing any length of time interval between write sessions, so that one seems like it would work. TAO is less clear, as it doesn't mention one way or the other if files can be added later when the disc had been removed and then re-mounted in the burner. But it seems like it might also work. Incremental talks about packets, which to my untrained mind seems like very small segments of data to be working with, so lots of laser switching on and off. Track at Once sounds more like it writes "tracks" (when burning audio) or perhaps whole files between toggling the laser power, so might somehow be more efficient, and maybe write the overall collection of files 'faster'? I'm dealing with BDR discs a lot of the time, because they can hold upwards of 22GB of data files (backup files mostly) on a burner capable of 12X, but the media I am using at this point is only 6X rated so I use that speed. But I sometimes write to DVDs or CDs, and now and then make music discs. So I could use your advice on which setting to try. Thanks.
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