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  1. Ziani

    MKV - Bluray DVD

    Yes it can play MKV files so will try MultiAVCHD although looks a bit complicated. Just as a matter of interest has anybody tried TSmuxer as it looks a little easier?
  2. Hi Guys....I have just brought some TDK BD-RE 25 disks. When I come to use your program to burn it asks me to format the disk first but errors. I then tried to format the disk from the ROM and it tells me that the disk is write protected....please help? Thanks Please ignore this as I see it is a reader only, thanks
  3. Ziani

    MKV - Bluray DVD

    Thanks hun....sorry bit new to this, so are you saying if my player plays MKV files then all I need to do is burn the file onto a Bluray disk?
  4. Ziani

    MKV - Bluray DVD

    Hello fellow members... Please can somebody tell me the best way to burn MKV files so that I can play them on my Bluray player? Thanks

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