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  1. Well, it was bad I will admit. I got up Saturday morning and looked out the back door at the lake and saw it "white capping". We (We = Amber and I, and her daughter Gabby) then all loaded up taking only the necessities. I grabbed my dogs and put them in their kennel and put them in the back seat. Off we went, well so we thought any way. lol About 2 miles down the road a "FULL SIZE" tree was ripped completely out of the ground, roots and all laying across the middle of the road. So then I had to turn around and back track about 10 miles. I finally get into town (where amber lives) and my dogs were so scared and nervous, one of them had a massive diarrhea attack all of them selves. The worst part is we couldn't roll down the windows cause it was raining so bad and I had to drive about 20MPH all the way there cause the rain was coming down so bad. It stunk so bad, you cannot even fathom the smell. Well, we arrive at Ambers house and begin to unload everything. I had to stand out in the rain and wash their kennel out. There was shit all over the place. Plus they were both covered in shit. Then after I get there, we had to go back out in it as Amber's mom HAD TO HAVE her medication (it was a matter of life and death). So I drive to the local pharmacy and pick that up. On the way home, there were trees laying down every where. All of the traffic lights were out, so there was mass hysteria on the roads! I don't know what was worse, watching out for the other idiots driving or what the wind was blowing at you. I finally get back, then the power flickers on and off the rest of the day. I watched out the window as people backyard fences were uprooted and flying through the air. A tree fell and crushed Gabby's swing set (she was heartbroken). Finally at about 9:00 PM, it started to let up alittle, as it was just rainy. Woke up this morning, and it was like nothing had ever happened, aside from all the trees and limbs on the ground. Sunny and about 80 degrees outside. My mother told me they were without electricity all weekend, and it finally came back on here about 5:30AM this morning. All in all, a unforgettable experience to say the least! Good to be back, jmet
  2. Ok its raining and the wind it blowing now.
  3. God Bless you l8nights!!! Right now, its still calm outside.
  4. Right now in "Longview, TX", its calm with sunny skies. I got a feeling thats all about to change though.
  5. Not totally true, I have several friends that were staying with me and my family and have since moved back to New Orleans.
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    Download problems

    ImgBurn is not out yet.
  7. I filled up yesterday @ $2.48 a gallon. Cost me $51.00 .
  8. I believe Fixer is above me, so he shouldn't get it any worse than I. Not sure who Polo is?
  9. jmet

    Hey Everybody!

    Just wanted to say hey to everybody! Its good to be back with the "gang"! Looking forward to contributing here.
  10. Wasup corny! Hows it hangin?
  11. I'm in East Texas, we are supposed to get some after (side) effects from Rita, but nothing bad.
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