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  1. UltraISO is also coded with Borland C++, but it support DoubleBytes characters well. I know ImgBurn is not UltraISO, but UltraISO is not ImgBurn, UltraISO can not do the burning work and ImgBurn can do it well:) I do hope to someday ImgBurn may add full Unicode support and make it the UNIQUE best mini burning solution!
  2. ......... what a pity........... just a feature request, whether/when will ImgBurn add support for multibyte characters? Thx for your rapid reply and sorry for my liberty
  3. Hi, I've burnt 2 disks with ImgBurn, the content in both disks have filenames inlcluding non-english characters, they(the filename) are ok on my system(WinXP_Pro_SP2_CHS) and ImgBurn's ListView control, but the filenames in the output disks are not readable. eg.: My burning option: File System: ISO9660+Joliet+UDF with Full ASCII enabled I've tested Nero and it is all ok with the filenames. Is that means ImgBurn does not support Non-Eng Characters Thanks for all your best work!
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