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    ruimtevaartfilatelie, briefkaarten niet te verwarren met ansichtkaarten, geschiedenis, archeologie,
    sterrenkunde, munten en penningen, toneelbeoefening. gesteenten en mineralen, kortom een brede belangstelling.
    Mijn favoriete sites: Marktplaats en Delcampe

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  1. Thank you for your prompt response, Synthia. I will follow your advice. Perhaps the specified site is indeed the best solution to increase the burn with ImgBurn to know for the simple reason that it can communicate in Dutch.
  2. Firstly I am a simple computer user and I prefer not too many bells and whistles. I would like to be friend with Cynthia if they consent. The reason is that she has written two detailed guides on how to burn CDs. I looking it a little easier, however. Only the information necessary for a beginner. I never burned CDs and this is the first time. I would like through e-mail contact with Cynthia want to contact for further explanation of the screenshots and which needed for a beginner and how, what and where to fill in the correct information. I am Dutch and speak no language. I therefore strongly dependent on Google Chrome, no perfect translation but somewhat understandable. I therefore request as simple as possible in English or writing course preferably in Dutch I have numbered movies (mpg) that I have some at the downloads and some in the DVD RW (E drive stand. They are numbered and when I click on the number appears to the left below the display a thumbnail of the video. Alone when I get to burn as it were a kind of index to get the numbers and the larger tumbnails I have been very pleased. If I want the videos but can choose the corresponding number and tumbnail.
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