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    Sequence of Total Process

    Hello Fellows, Thanks for the replies on my post! That particular disc was a Sony disc movie I had purchased that had the new ARccOS protection. I had to use PGCEdit to get rid of the corrupted cells put in with ARccOS. I got pgcedit to create the "XXX.ISO" file with no trouble. It was just that Shrink would not "see" that XXX.ISO file when I went to open the files. I tried Shrink in ISO mode with another movie then burned with IMGBurn with NO problem. Funny, but IMGBurn would find the ISO file created with pgcedit but the Shrink program would not, I just don't know why. I just needed to reduce the size of the PGCEdit created ISO file so I could burn it to a single layer disc. Maybe Shrink will have an update later to correct this problem. Once again, thanks for the replies.
  2. mmfarish

    Sequence of Total Process

    Hello all, I tried for about 3 hours this morning trying to figure out how to burn a single layer shrunk dvd from the many processes and suggestions described in the forum section. Let me explain what I have tried............ I ripped original files from a disc w/decrypt as normal (not ISO), then I used pgcedit to create ISO files....no problem here...... I see I cannot directly burn my ISO files to a single layer disc from this program so as far as I am aware, I now need to shrink them to get them on a single layer disc, right? So I tried numerous times to load the ISO files I created with pgcedit, but shrink does not see them! The files ARE THERE because when I open the folder they are in, I can see them (about 6.XGB). Shrink just refuses to acknowlege the files! Please tell me what I am doing wrong, HELP!
  3. mmfarish

    ImgBurn v1.0.0.0 Released!

    Thank you Lightning!

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