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  1. Yes OK, you told it already in my other thread. OK, I see, this means we should use verbatim discs only if we want to burn properly. I'll do it now. Thank you! TobyD
  2. Hi LIGHTING UK! I got a package with 20 RITEK-Discs from my friend and i could burn a few times without problems and now after some succeded burns it does not longer work. The same on my DAXON016S from my first thread. It works with new disc IDs and after few times i get problems and i can no longer burn with these disc IDs. This is what i do not understand... OK. Thanks for the info! OK, i will try verbatim discs again. But i'm worried if i got here after some succeded times such problems too. Can you explain my last request, please? Why all the new disc IDs does work fine but for a few times only and then no longer? I do not understand this "OK, but only for a few times on a new disc ID"-behavior... Thank You! TobyD
  3. Hi folks, some time ago, LIGHTING UK! helped me to solve my problems: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=19700 and all was OK, but now i cannot burn anymore. Imgburn says: Do You have any idea, what went wrong? TIA! TobyD LOG:
  4. Hi, bought today Verbatim discs AND changed write type to incremental. This worked! Last little question: which problems are possible if I leave the write type "incremental" forever? Big thanks! TobyD
  5. Thank you for the explanation, for your opinion and for the "incremental" hint! I'll try it tommorow. CU! TobyD
  6. Oh... strange... before imgburn i burned with these discs on this drive.... may it be a combination on these discs, imgburn and my drive? May you tell me, which discs are recomended for me? And which type (DVD-R, or DVD+R)? BTW: Thanks for your great work on imgburn! Keep up the good work! Best regards! TobyD
  7. Hi folks, this is my first try with imgburn and I run directly into an error I use imgburn to copy an DVD with DVDFab. DVDFab writes a .VAB file from my DVD to my harddrive and starts imgburn. Imgburn writes round about 500MB and fails with "Failed to Write Sectors ... Reason: Write Error". DVDFab is the only prog that runs during my test and I've installed the newest firmware for my burner. On the first time imgburn wrote with the recommended write speed (8x). On the second time I reduced it to 4x, but the same behavior. Do you have any idea what went here wrong? TIA! TobyD My logs: First try: Second try:

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