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  1. some_user1 crashes on startup under wine

    I upgraded to to provide some detail over at winehq. But to my surprise imgburn didn't crash this time. I don't know what happened, i didn't even change anything in the system.
  2. some_user1 crashes on startup under wine

    That's strange. Archlinux doesn't even add any patches to wine. I downgraded to imgburn, and it works fine with wine 1.5.1 So it's probably some new feature you introduced in the latest version which causes a conflict with wine. Let's see what the people at winehq have to say about this.
  3. some_user1 crashes on startup under wine

    I have opened a bug report on winehq. http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=30324
  4. Hello, I am using imgburn under archlinux with wine. Today, after installing the latest version, i tried to launch imgburn, but it crashed without even showing the main window. versions: imgburn v2.5.7.0 wine 1.5.1 I've attached the bug report The previous version was working fine. bugreport.txt

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