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  1. There is something wrong with the latest downloaded installation as Malwarebtyes rejects it. Googling for answers, many are complaining of "Candyware" or something named like that. The consensus is that you are now including adware which nobody wants, many are looking for alternates. This is a trajedy as this is such a great program to have to give up. Not only that, I have donated to help in the work you have done. I suggest that you remove the adware garbage. If you wish to have funds again, solicit for more donations, or put the program up for purchase and require a registration. Just my simple minded thoughts!
  2. After copying DL DVD to ISO image, I initated a burn of ISO image to DL DVD. ImgBurn gave message: "Dual layer DVD not necessary, Do you wish to burn anyway"? I wondered if maybe the space didn't actually require a DL DVD. Therefore, I inserted a single layer DVD into drive. Then imgBurn told me that "There is not enough space on this DVD". I replaced the original DL DVD blank and initiated the burn again, this time ignoring the message that a dual layer DVD was not necessary. The DVD burned and worked perfectly. Just a small message problem that I wanted to report.

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