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  1. Jim44

    Backing up Windows XP System C:

    I can confirm that the free version of Reflect runs just fine on XP (Home, specifically). Ran it on 2 of the PCs at home, prior to upgrading to Win7. Jim
  2. Jim44

    Ask toolbar

    It's just you. For fun I installed the latest ImgBurn here on the work computer (XP Pro SP3) - never had it installed before, DVD drive is a reader only so never really needed. Sure enough, there is a permission window, 6th one in by my count right after the "Choose Start Menu Folder". Labeled "Ask Toolbar Installation". Unchecking all the boxes keeps it from installing. No changes made to either IE8 or FF; nothing from "Ask" in XP's Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.
  3. If the DVD player can support both formats, it will typically do a conversion from one to the other (PAL -> NTSC, for ex.), so the TV doesn't need to support both. That's the case with my Oppo, anyway. YMMV.
  4. Jim44

    Can anyone recommend a good file backup program?

    I use the pay-version of Macrium Reflect. The free version only does disc images (I use it on the laptop & 2nd PC). The pay version adds the ability to backup individual files/folders. Might be worth a look(?). Not sure what problem you had with TI 11 (I used to use TI 10), but one tip I learned was to have the images be saved in file sizes of about 1.492GB - 3 of these chunks would fit on a SL DVD. I'll say I've been fortunate and not had to actually use the backups, but they've all been created fine. And Macrium has a pretty easy "Explore image" facility, which allows you to look into any image file with a Windows Explorer-style interface (basically the image gets mounted as a drive). That's worked fine so far.
  5. Jim44

    U.S Copyright law changing?

    No worries spinner, it happens. Carry on...
  6. Usually if there are release notes for the firmware, they'll be on the manufacturer's page. Many times it's to add compatibility with newer media IDs. (Checked Samsung's web site, and no release notes. )
  7. That's actually your drive's supported speed with those discs; Imgburn is just reporting it. Definitely update your firmware - looks like there's a newer version (SB04): http://www.firmwarehq.com/download_1668-file_SH-S223C_SB04.exe.html If you "forced" 2.4x, the drive would burn it at 4x (if that's all that's supported) anyway, so that would have no effect.
  8. Jim44

    U.S Copyright law changing?

    Jim44, let it lay where it is, it ain't gonna happen. spinner Huh? I was replying to hajj_3. And, I support LUK!'s statement 100%. I guess I'll go back to lurking.....
  9. Jim44

    U.S Copyright law changing?

    If by "we" you mean "film students, professors, and documentary film makers", then you're right. Otherwise, no. (It helps to read more then just the headline )
  10. Jim44

    Attempting a burn, then, nothing.

    http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=8000 Bottom line: the only consistently good DL discs are Verbatim.
  11. Jim44

    Which DVD burner?

    If you're in the US, I like Newegg.com for most computer parts.
  12. Jim44

    write speed miscompare

    4x is the only speed your burner recognizes for those discs, so that's the only speed it will burn them at.
  13. Yes. Yes. Just use "Build" mode and drag-drop your files into IB, or use the "Browser for a file..." icon. Jim
  14. Jim44

    Build Directory Structure

    Yep, just did this when building the new computer a couple of weeks ago. Worked just fine.

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