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    noob with verbatim dvd+r dl 8xspeed

    You need to update the drives firmware
  2. RhoTrux64


    A little pushy aren't you!? Obviously he has no timeline. And no inclination to share, which is clearly his prerogative. Some people, really.
  3. Have you tried to uninstall the drive in device manager and then reboot?
  4. You might try burning at slower speed or try another brand, but MBIP disks are not historically quality media. MKM uses AZO technology for the dye on their disks that make them superior.
  5. Verbatim (MKM) did outsource some to Moser Bayer India (MBIP). That's why its important to make sure your verbs are Singapore made.
  6. RhoTrux64

    New to ImgBurn Community

    I have used ImgBurn since the beginning. I have never had an issue, so I never thought to join. Just perusing the web and saw someone elses post, so I thought I'd stop in and take a look at what is offered here. Went ahead and registered. Many thanks for the continued support of ImgBurn. It has always been my goto burning software.

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