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  1. rahmosis

    ImageBurn Guides Corrupt

    Where did you download your version from?
  2. rahmosis

    ImageBurn Guides Corrupt

    How is that possible? According to Google I have the latest ver: 11.0.696.71 !
  3. rahmosis

    ImageBurn Guides Corrupt

    Interesting! I'm using Chrome and have never experienced this problem before!
  4. rahmosis

    ImageBurn Guides Corrupt

    I downloaded the excellent "The ImageBurn " Functions' guide by Cynthia. However when I tried reading it after logging off, I found that three quarters of my screen was blacked out! Is this deliberate or is there a bug in the program?
  5. rahmosis

    ImgBurn from AVStoDVD

    I am completely new at this and need some help.I have just installed AVStoDVD and I see it comes bundled with Image Burn. However after file conversion ImgBurn is not activated automatically? Is there a setting I am missing? Many Thanks rahmosis

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