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  1. FireStarter

    Blu-ray Video Disc

    When I create a new build with m2ts files then ImgBurn ask me "You've only selected Blu-ray Video files! Are you trying to build a Blu-ray Video disc?" If I say "yes" then ImgBurn will create a bluray structure, but the m2ts-files will be added to the BDMV-folder and not to BDMV\STREAM.
  2. FireStarter

    AWS - database

    Unfortunately that user is 'dead' and i cannot retrieve that information anymore. But at least I know now for the future what to do in advance. But since that data is in the HKCU - that information cannot be shared within all users of the same computer. Is that a feature you planned to do so?
  3. FireStarter

    AWS - database

    Where is that database located? I had to recreate the user and it seems to be gone. I don't find any files in the profile (roaming folder)
  4. FireStarter

    Autorun on build

    You mean adding a file called 'autorun.inf'? This is your job. How should ImgBurn know which file to run? And which parameters to use? In my autorun.inf is for instance written: How should imgburn guess that?
  5. FireStarter

    Do people really still use ISO files?

    But this works only when you have virtual drives. There are not many computer out there (I am not talking about home-computer and computers for Pros) who have such tools installed. And by doubleclicking on an ISO-file (standard behaviour of users) Windows wants to burn a disc. @LUK: If imgburn would have a size of 300 MB. What format would have then the setup - ISO, ZIP, 7Z or simply only the EXE? Same question if your software would be a suite of 3-4 different tools.
  6. FireStarter

    Using an existing ISO as preset for a new one

    I don't want the date/time sticky - I only wanted that the current time is always written (to ISO or disc). Or is this default when I do not check that checkbox (I never tried)? And if it is not default - then I would put it on my wish list
  7. FireStarter

    Payload for ImgBurn

    Then you have enough capacity left to learn a second one like cpp ;-)
  8. Personally - I like the use of an ISO. But how it is in the real world? We have here many discussions. If I want to create a 'disc' for downloading (software + updates, incl old-fashioned autorun.inf) then I prefer to use an ISO-Image. With newer Windows versions users can double-click on it and create a CD for installing the software. But: I assume that in most computers there are built-in cd-burners - but the user has no blank CD available. So what they can do? (partly noobs) Some prefer to use ZIP instead of an ISO. After downloading I can directly open the folder and have access to the setup routines. There is also no need to waste a blank disc for a one time installation. We have here heavy discussions ISO vs ZIP. What do you think - are ISO files more or less obsolete today?
  9. Is it possible (I did not find a way to do it) to open an existing ISO (+mds) and change it - something like ISO-editing. I want to replace for instance only some files and change the create date + the label. Is it possible (per option) to have always the creating date set (Advanced - Dates - Volume Dates)? I assume that this is the date which Nero CDspeed is showing on the 'Disc Quality' tab in the 'Disc Info'-groupbox.
  10. But theoretically there could be player who would support a folder structure like Disc1 |_BDMV |_certificate Disc2 |_BDMV |_certificate And you have to navigate to folder Disc1 or Disc2 and start 'Play' there. At least it works for DVD structure with some media player.
  11. FireStarter

    ImgBurn main window 'freezing' after burning

    I burnt now another DVD. This time the message window did not appear. At least I didn't see one. (perhaps i pressed the OK button by accident when it popped up by pressing the enter key)
  12. FireStarter

    ImgBurn main window 'freezing' after burning

    OMG - the message window is 'hidden' behind the Log-window. Minimizing or moving the log window solves the problem - but there should be a more user friendly way. I can trigger 'Do you really want to cancel?' and 'Please be patient, I heard you the first time!' but ImgBurn does not realize that the MessageDialog is open. ImgBurn is running at me on a pivot monitor in portrait mode - so the 'hiding' seems to be in such cases a standard behaviour.
  13. This happened now the second time in a row. I burn a DVD in the backround - everything seems to be fine but then the main window doesn't come back. It looks so whether it doesn't get the focus back and another window is not visible. (I assume that after a successful burn there will be a message window?!) If there is such a window it is not shown or at least it does not get the focus and i am unable to close it.
  14. FireStarter

    Volume Identifiers

    I burnt a DVD (UDF 2.50) and was setting for all 5 entries the string 'Plextor PX-LB950SA 1.07 4x' Only the application Volume Identifier was written. And altough ImgBurn tells me that i can use 128 chars only ''Plextor PX-LB950SA 1.07' was written (perhaps still one space more). When I try to write '4x Plextor PX-LB950SA 1.07' then '4x Plextor PX-LB950SA 1' is written. Is it limited to 23 chars or is this a bug? And if it is limited to 23 why ImgBurn tells me x/128 chars used? In the log file the '4x' at the end of the string was not mentioned. So I assume, that ImgBurn removed it.
  15. FireStarter

    Retrieve burner info from media

    Thx for the fast reply. I tried to google it but didnt find the information within an acceptable time (< 15 min). At least ImgBurn helped me to know now more about my hardware :-)

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