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  1. I see what you are trying to tell me now. Apparently IsoBuster does not do it relative to the file but absolute for the whole disc which is why it still showed everything correctly using the same cuesheet. This is what I get for working on something like this at 3AM. I put this in bugs because I honestly thought this was a bug in ImgBurn since IsoBuster wasn't having any issues (I only mention IsoBuster since I know you used the same cuesheet syntax as that program for ImgBurn's mutisession support). I finally have it working now (although IsoBuster now has an issue with it but oh well this is for ImgBurn anyway) thanks. Anyways thanks for this amazing program and please try not to let people get to you so much. I know you work hard and for the most part don't get the proper recognition for it. ImgBurn has allowed so many people to finally ditch Nero and other paid disc authoring programs that offer far more features them most of us could ever use (not to mention the rediculous amount of hard drive space they take up) and it has been the only program of it's kind that I have been using for years with the exception of Alcohol 120% due it's virtual drive and select disc replication features that not even Nero has (no I'm not asking you to add those features I know this is your program and it's your choice if something gets added). I would donate if I could but I'm flat broke so that will have to wait until I can get some extra money in. Again thank you for all the work you have put in to this amazing program.
  2. I have one of my CD Extra audio CDs that I've been trying to make a perfect copy of (multisession with CD-Text). I only recently discovered that ImgBurn added multisession support now make it the only disc authoring program I know of that allows me to burn CD Extra discs with the CD-Text (I haven't used Nero in a very long time thanks to ImgBurn so I have no idea if this is possible with that). Anyway while single file images seem to work perfectly with this feature I noticed an issue when using a multi file cuesheet that I editted together since I'm trying to keep all of the tracks as separate files for archiving which allows me to play the songs individually as needed as well as take advantage of using EAC for offset correction of each track. When using this multi file format though ImgBurn does not appear to show the correct Session 1 Lead-Out on the Image Information screen when attempting to burn it. The start of the second session appears to start outside the writable area of most CDs making it impossilbe for me to burn my image. The only work around for this that I can think of would be to keep the audio tracks in RAW format and do a binary combine in to a single file and then use a standard, single file cuesheet to burn it but I'm sure there has to be a way to fix this in ImgBurn itself. I also tested my multi file cuesheet in IsoBuster and it showed the correct start sector for the second session as seen on the original disc. Details of attached files: screenshot.png -Top: Image Information screen using cuesheet generated from ImgBurn -Bottom: Image Information screen using my custom, multi file cuesheet Good Charlotte.cue Good Charlotte.cue -Cuesheet from ImgBurn CD.cue CD.cue -Cuesheet from IsoBuster Young and the Hopeless, The (ImgBurn).cue Young and the Hopeless, The (ImgBurn).cue -my custom, multi file cuesheet

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