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  1. tVenc

    Layer jump

    Tomorrow i will try to burn with my iHAS again and post the results. Before some things all burns was excellent, but now i can only get 2 of 5 burns working. Everything changed before changed my HDD, installed Windows 8 and changed my settings to OPC=OFF, FHT=ON, OHT=OFF, OS=OFF. Before everything i used them as all ON and get good working burns. So the critical problem can be in the eTAU?
  2. tVenc

    Layer jump

    OPC=OFF, OS=OFF I have iHAS124 but because i'm using laptop connecting iHAS is pain. So i bought this just to be compact version of iHAS. Someone recomended it and it is also in the image of PayLoad tool. Both of games didn't work. There is some XGD3 burned with this drive that works. Should i post KProbe2 of one of them?
  3. tVenc

    Layer jump

    Hi there i'm having a big problem. All this time i'm trying to get nice burns with LiteOn eTAU108. Some of them are good, but most of them are bad. Here is my last burn: What can cause that jump? OPC=ON, SB=ON, OS=ON, FHT=ON, OHT=OFF. And other thing. Where OPC history is stored? (In drive or in my PC). Because everytime when i disconnect my drive all SB, OS, FHT settings gets lost and i have to enable them again. Maybe even when i disconnect my drive OPC gets lost too?

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