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  1. Cheers for reply, It's still kinda on exit though, any chance of this getting added so I can read the log file real time? This way, it can process a queue etc without opening and closing imgburn all the time.
  2. Hmm, I can potentially get this response from imgburn by running via command line and grabbing the resulting code, correct?
  3. Hi Mate(ys), I am creating a robot arm which automatically changes discs when complete and I would love to interface it with my favourite burning app (ImgBurn of course!) I have modded a usb robot arm from maplin with some potentiometers and an arduino, and a vacuum to pick up and hold the discs. My problem is, I have no real (clean) way of detecting when the burn is complete in my .NET app, I had wrote it to parse the log however this is only written to on exit of the application which brings me to my request.. Is it possible to have an option to write to the log file as the status changes instead of only once on exit, this way I could easily parse the log file and have my robot arm ready to grab that disc as soon as it completes or be able to handle any errors which are reported by imgburn. Cheers for your time Steve

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