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  1. Baza7

    Sync Problem

    Hi all i know its nothing to do with IB but can you help please I have a vid on YT,its a mate playing guitar but its owta sync what type of program could fix it please Cheers Baza
  2. Baza7

    Newbie with a Problem

    Music to my ears,Cheers
  3. Baza7

    Newbie with a Problem

    One last Q for now,which is the best for a newbie to all this malarky DVD Flick / ConvertXtoDVD
  4. Baza7

    Newbie with a Problem

    Cheers mate,i did try Nero but could'nt get my head round it all,as i need something very simple Cheers Again
  5. Baza7

    Newbie with a Problem

    Hi lightning thanks for the reply,i take it i cant do these things with Img Burn, can i convert these files to VideoTS with IB,or am i talking thro my **** Cheers Baza
  6. Baza7

    Newbie with a Problem

    Hi all i've been trying to sort this problem out for days. I've downloaded this ,and i'm trying to pop it on a dvd to play on my dvd player. Help Regd Please,but not to techno,Thanks

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