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  1. nicoliani

    please explain Miscompare at LBA

    It finished 100% without errors despite that warning. Can I re-verify it again after?
  2. nicoliani

    please explain Miscompare at LBA

    I got AnyDVD and got a miscompare on a video file. I'm a safe here, or did that file actually get corrupted?
  3. nicoliani

    Verification failed

    So then there is not even necessary for verification to autorun when you burn a disc if it's not an ISO file.
  4. nicoliani

    Verification failed

    Yes I modified the file with Paint. Now I deleted all the files on my hard drive. I open up ImgBurner, select Verify and click on Verify. It doesn't seem to take into account or try to verify the source files on my hard drive, as the job continues without errors. It's not an image file, just random video files and images...
  5. nicoliani

    Verification failed

    I burned a 100 GB disc with video in CDBurnerXP. After the burn it verified the disc as failed. I'm not sure if there are some slights of error in some videos in them, because they can all be played. I verified it again with ImgBurn and it didn't show any errors. I as well edited an image file to make it different from what it was as source. So now on my disc this file is different and on the disc it's the "original", yet verification didn't pick up that change, so makes me wonder if the verification doesn't spot errors as this and only looks for disc scratches, which is strange as CDBurnerXP gave me a fault, and it's probably correct because I was using my PC during the burn. How can I make sure with any other verification that the files on the disc are 100% correct as the files on my disc?
  6. nicoliani

    Formatting discs

    http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=14629&p=117505 Right now, I'm dealing with BD-R and BD-RE discs. I always needed to do a full format on the RE discs before burning, otherwise I remember it wouldn't go. Do I need a full format on a BD-R disc? How about other media as DVD-R/RE...
  7. nicoliani

    BD-RE multisession

    As I have understood it ImgBurn closes the disc and there is no option to leave it open for a later changes of the disc like adding/removing files.

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