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  1. war59312

    has the development of imgburn stopped?

    And more than 2 years later again and still nothing. So it's abandoned alright.
  2. war59312

    has the development of imgburn stopped?

    Been 2 years. Perhaps open source it? Or forever see it as abandonware in your users eyes.
  3. war59312

    Disable the splash screen?

    Still no? Please add command line option? Please, in Christmas spirit.
  4. war59312

    Mds 2.0

    Any update on this?
  5. war59312

    Audio CD

    There is always winamp....
  6. war59312

    ISO - UDF size problem

    Only thing I could think of is NTFS vs FAT32 but that is still the same 4GB issue, not 2GB. Weird!
  7. war59312

    What does SPLIP stand for?

    I prefer my XboX 360 with HD-DVD drive myself. Go Microsoft!

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