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  1. Many thanks to you both - sorted out now!
  2. These are the only files with the name Boot in them that I can see on the Win XP Pro CD after doing a search for 'Boot'.
  3. Do you mean for me to insert a CD with Win XP Pro on it (I have it on a CD and on the desktop in a folder), or do you mean for me to insert a blank CD in the CD tray? Am I attempting to extract BootImage from my installation files on the desktop and save it to a blank CD? What should be the file extension of the BootImage file, please, because I will go through the XP Pro files and folders to see if it's there.Sorry, I am a bit confused. Please disregard those two attachments - I can't seem to delete them Thanks again
  4. Hello I am trying to follow this useful tutorial: https://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?/topic/11194-how-to-create-a-windows-vista-7-8-installation-disc-bootable-using-imgburn/ Under the Advanced tab as per the tutorial, I have the following: (ImgBurn2) So far, so good. However, I have had to leave the Boot Image field blank and so I get this message: (ImgBurn1) because I am not sure which file to select in my Win XP Pro folder which looks like this: Which file should I be selecting in that folder, please, to go into the Boot Image field under the Advanced tab in ImgBurn? Thank you.
  5. Blueie

    Not loading DVD correctly

    Well, that's encouraging - many thanks!
  6. Blueie

    Not loading DVD correctly

    I have Windows 10 with Autoplay on. If I start up VLC and then File | Open folder and choose VIDEO_TS, the movie plays. But I doubt that will be possible on a TV DVD player. Is it likely that all she will need to do is press the TV DVD's 'Play' button? Sometimes when I have burnt to a blank disk, the movie plays on my PC, but not on a TV DVD player. Thanks again.
  7. Blueie

    Not loading DVD correctly

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am trying to have the DVD begin automatically on my PC, but I will give the burnt disk to a friend who has no PC - she has a TV DVD and the disk should start automatically in that as well. I have got Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player installed. Sometimes, VLC loads up and other times I have an option. I will try burning the disk again and see what happens!
  8. Hello I am trying to burn a movie onto a blank DVD for use with any DVD player. I was hoping the DVD disk would play automatically after burning but, instead, I can just see this on the disk when I double-click on it. Please see attached. What am I doing wrong, please?
  9. Blueie

    Settings for burning movie for TV DVD

    Hello Cholla Thanks for your reply. As you can see from the attached screenshot, I now have my ISO file (3.01GB). So I put as blank DVD in my D drive, open up ImgBurn, select Mode | Write from the menu and Tools | Automatic Write Speed at x8, then click on 'Write image file to disk', then File | Browse for a source file, select my ISO file, and ensure the name of my D drive is in the Destination field. Does that sound about right? Thanks.
  10. Blueie

    Settings for burning movie for TV DVD

    Thanks again, especially for the link. In the guide, it says: Now you need to enter the file name for your image file in the 'Destination' box. In this example, we use 'I:\DVD ISO\STAR_WARS_EPISODE_IV.iso'. You can enter it manually or click the 'Browse for a file...' button. I do not have an iso files in my VIDEO_TS folder, only 2 BUP files, 2 IFO files, and 4 VOB files.
  11. Blueie

    Settings for burning movie for TV DVD

    So, under Tools I should have 'Build' ticked? (At the moment, I have 'Write' selected). Thanks again.
  12. Hello Can I ask, please, what my ImgBurn settings should be for me to burn a movie (video + audio) onto a blank DVD disk. The disk will be used in a TV DVD player and it is important that it starts automatically. On loading ImgBurn, I choose 'Write image file to disk' and I know the write speed should be set as 8x and that I have to point ImgBurn at the location of my VIDEO_TS folder. The 'Destination' should be the name of my D drive (CD/DVD tray). Is there anything else I should know, please? Thank you.
  13. Blueie

    Burning images to a DVD

    Many thanks for your advice and to you Ch3vr0n for the link - I have downloaded it.
  14. Blueie

    Burning images to a DVD

    Hello I have quite a few image 'stills' (jpgs) that I would like to burn to a blank DVD (the person who the disk is for only has a TV DVD player and not a CD player). What is the best way of doing that, please, in IMGBURN? If possible, the images should appear on his TV screen in a slideshow. Many thanks
  15. Blueie

    Burning to Traxdata DVD failed

    Thanks to you both. I will take a look at the Verbatim site. I notice that while Verbatim DataLife + CDs are recommended for burning audio (MP3) files, there seems to be no equivalent for burning movie/video files (movie downloads, footage from a camcorder), such as Verbatim DataLife + DVDs. What would that be, please? Thanks again for your time.

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