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    Verify fails, access violation, burn OK

    I've done a few more now and found the problem can be avoided by permitting tray cycle between write and verify. I had turned it off so I didn't have to be around for the manual tray closing. Can I suggest that the dialog that pops up to say "close the tray manually" could be accompanied by a loud noise to attract attention. And I'll be looking for a lightweight bd burner that can be closed by the software. Thanks
  2. I have often got a failed verify after burning a BD-R but the disc seems to run OK. Usually this happens when both source and destination are on peripherals. Recently (v 2.5.8) closing the 'failed verify' popup results in an access violation and the bugreport dialog. I was unable to do its email so I am attaching a typical bugreport file here as well as the session log. bugreport.txt session_log.txt

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