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    Blue-Ray disc version ?

    Do you want to say: Version 1 = 25GB Single layer disc. Version 2 = 25GB x2 Double layer disc. Version 3 = 20GB~ x3 Triple layer disc. Version 4 = 20-30GB~ x4 Quadruple layer disc. ???? Do not forget that version 1 of BD-RE was not computer compatible, so version 2 and later are for computer use. The same happens with BD-R, it has 3 versions, all for pc. So, will I be right if I say: For BD-RE: Version 2 = single layer disc Version 3 = dual layer disc Version 4 = multi-layered disc For BD-R: Version 1 = single layer disc Version 2 = dual layer disc Version 3 = multi-layered disc ??????????????? For BD-RE version 4 and BD-R version 3 things are easy, we have multi-layered discs (XL), as wikipedia mentions. But what is going on with BD-RE version 2 and 3 and BD-R version 1 and 2;
  2. doctor-z

    Interface question

    Many programs like DVDInfoPro refer "Connection Interface" for every optical drive, and it has the value SCSI or ATAPI (IDE in some other programs). I also found this enumeration: enum Interface { SCSI, IDE, OTHER }; and I want to ask where is this enumeration used. I checked inquiry, checked page 2A but nothing found. Only feature 001h is using something like this enumeration but there the enumeration is different.
  3. doctor-z

    LabelFlash documentation?

    OK, thanx a lot!!
  4. doctor-z

    Blue-Ray disc version ?

    What exactly your post means? You have a version 2 BD-RE DL disc but are all BD-RE DL discs version 2?
  5. doctor-z

    Blue-Ray disc version ?

    I found this article in wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blu-ray_Disc_recordable but I cannot understand, version 1 of BD-RE is single layer, version 2 is dual layer? Version 4 is definitely BD-RE X layer but the first 3 versions what type are they? In other words what version is BD-RE dual layer? Is it version 2 or 3? Single layer what version?
  6. doctor-z

    LabelFlash documentation?

    Yes, just detection. Mode page 2A supports a large variety of features, like CD R/RW and DVD R/RW reading and writing. So, am I right to think that mode page 2D may have a package of features too including LabelFlash?
  7. doctor-z

    LabelFlash documentation?

    I am interested in LabelFlash detection. Do you know how is it possible?
  8. doctor-z

    LabelFlash documentation?

    I found this post: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?/topic/5895-lightscribe-labelflash/ In the last reply "mode page 2D" is mentioned for LabelFlash. What is the structure of mode page 2D? A google search turns back nothing.

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