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  1. Thank you LIGHTNING UK! I'll try to answer properly all the details needed. As I'm a newbie, please let me know if it was not what you wanted! 1. The log I believe you want is attached in this reply, even though I think it's not from the session you want, but from a later one in which everything went right, as I boot in safe mode and burned a double layer with no problem... So I'll post the "ImgBurn.log" (which I believe is the one you want, yet from the session everything went right) and "20140110_MV_089_090_ImgBurn.log" (which is the one from the successful burn on safe mode). 2. My files are stored on my Hard Disk. I have a 2000GB Seagate Barracuda model ST2000DM001 (I have it from less then a year) divided in 2 paritions, "C" and "D". The files I've been burning lately are on "D". That kind of buffer problem, I had it only once so far, but I had at least two times the "I/O Error" "Interpretation" "Check Condition". I have no logs on these "I/O Error"/"Interpretation"/"Check Condition" as I was too confused when they all happened! I do remember the error on those times always happened before 4 minutes of the burning procedure... And then the closing of the disc took forever, so I interrupted it using CTRL-ALT-DEL. But again, that's not the "buffer went wrong" session, but the other ones with "I/O Error"/"Interpretation"/"Check Condition". My boot is somewhat slow, which does not happen in safe mode. Also, my LG Optical Unit seems to work all right, it has less than a year, though for certainly it has burned more then 300 discs already! Don't know if anything of this helps diagnosis! Thanks ImgBurn.log 20140110_MV_089_090_ImgBurn.log
  2. Greetings, This is my first post, though I've been using ImgBurn for years! I'm using DVD+R DL by Verbatim made in Singapore. In the past, rarely I lost a single media. 2 months ago, I've lost a couple. In the last couple of weeks I've lost 3 out of 12! I've been experiencing two issues. One I was so eager to unlock the Optical Drive I didn't save the log. The other I have a full log. (1) The first one (which I don't have the log) is "I/O Error" "Interpretation" "Check Condition". In that one, the failure is at the beginning of the burn, and something happen after a number of burning retries, then everything goes wrong and ImgBurn stays forever finalizing the disc that is being burned for just a couple of minutes... (2) The second, which just happened now, is during writing, and that is loosing "Buffer" (to 0%) and usually having what looks to me like a normal "Device Buffer" behaviour (normally at 100%, then sometimes quick decays, to 70% or less, but never below 12% in worst cases). The Buffer started at 100% and was gradually loosing until 0%. Then it regain slowly until 51%, then again to 0%, then "waiting Buffers recovery", burn speed slowing down to 0.0x, then recovering to 100% and then everything went perfect. During worst moments, I've seen that windows (waiting) circle close to the moise cursor. Surprisingly, the disc passed the ImgBurn test after it was finalized (can I trust this recording?) When the disc is tested, Device Buffer just stays at 0% and Image Buffer stays at 100% The log of situation (2) is attached: My optical unit was bought in last May. I rarely used to play anything. But I must have copied some 200 DVDs to my HDD and must have recorded some 300 DVDs (DL and not DL). Any help will be highly appreciated. I have a hard time finding Verbatim made in Singapore in Brazil and nearly cry everytime I loose one. Always heard one never lost a single media of that quality... Well, since a couple of weeks ago I get about 25% trashed! Thanks 20140109_MV_087_088_ImgBurn.log
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