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  1. I find your program marvellous, and I use it about 50 times a week for burning DVDs, but one detail's driving me crazy: when the file system is set on UDF and it sees that I'm burning an AVI file it keeps asking to change file system to ISO + Joliet: I find very annoying to have to confirm twice (maybe in the same project I've got a file exceeding ISO + Joliet limits but he doesn't care cause he just looks for the AVI); at the same time if I want to burn a 4.37 Gb MKV file, and the file system is set on ISO + Joliet everything seems to be perfectly ok until I give the last confirmation and then that horrible error warning pops out and I've got to start all over again. I just can't stand it! I'd really appreciate if, being the smart program that it is, it could just be a little smarter!

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