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    Help me :(

    Hi sorry for bad english, im indonesian.. well i just downloaded a game which in rar file extension, it has 9 parts like name.part01.rar,name.part02.rar,... i extracted it smoothly and file size is good 8gb. in the folder i have extracted it before, has 2 file: .dvd and .iso file. .dvd file size 1kb .iso file size 8gb i have no idea what is .dvd file so i mount the iso file anyway beside that i can't mount .dvd file, and guess what? it only 40mb after mount! please help me to mount it i think i should use .dvd file but i don't know how when i open .dvd file using notepad, it comes like this: LayerBreak=2133520 gamename.iso please help me to mount it i don't want my 8gb downloaded file useless any help will much much much appreciated!
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